Las Vegas: Spice Market Buffet

By Cubie - October 13, 2011

One of the food stations in the Middle Eastern booth
Remember I mentioned about top 3 buffet in Las Vegas? I went to one on our first day there - Bellagio's. Here's another one of them - Spice Market in Planet Hollywood, said to be good food with value. We had lunch, $20.53 incl tax.

Here's part of my share...
Bits of Middle Eastern and Mexican food :)
I kind of started on the prawns before I remembered to take a picture
Some of the desserts - a very nice baklava and cannoli at the background
Oh.. and there's a pancake booth, you get to pick the fillings that you like, I shared one with friend. It was divine.

I think those cotton candy will be a hit with little kids, not the type of dessert I like though. Never really like cotton candy.

Ok.. back to the main meal's booth...
Oh.. entree first.

Side note: Hopefully people will like the beef rendang I'm bringing tomorrow...

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