San Francisco: Union Square, Alamo Square, Castro & the Mission

By Cubie - September 28, 2011

The last full day in San Francisco was spent walking and walking. We started with around city, checking out Union Square and nearby. To my shock, I thought I have blogged and included some pictures on Union Square in my earlier post under SF: City. Apparently not. I must be dreaming. = ="

So to make things right, here's how Union Square looks like.

According to Wikipedia, Union Square is a plaza bordered by Geary, Powell, Post and Stockton Streets in SF. It also refers to the central shopping, hotel and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks. The area got its name because it was once used for rallies and support for the Union Army during Civil War.

There are heaps of shops and shopping centre in this area. Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue just a stone throw away from each other.

Then, it is tribute to the 'Painted Ladies'. Easily reached by bus, you can check the bus route needed on the free map from hotels.

These houses were made popular if you watched the sitcom "Full House" years back. The term "Painted ladies" is a term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colours that embellish or enhance their architectural details.

There's a park right in front of these houses where you can have a picnic, or just sit, enjoy the sun and watch the world go by. Though I can feel the uneasiness if I am to live in one of these houses. Imagine every 5 minutes there's a tour bus slowing down right in front of your house and 40 pairs of eyes looking in and 30 cameras snapping away. I am in the opinion that there are people staying in these houses cos there was a postman leaving the place.

From there, we walked to Castro District. We thought of flagging down a bus along the way but as things have it, we ended up walking all the way.

The Castro, is a neighbourhood in Eureka Valley and is one of America's first and best-known gay neighbourhood. As we stepped into the area of Castro, I noticed the colourful flags all around, not in other neighbourhood. Apparently those are rainbow flag, a symbol of LGBT pride.

As you wander down the road in Castro, there's a shop called Under One Roof, address: 518 Castro St, SF, CA 94114. 100% of profits goes to HIV/AIDS organisations, and they sells cute, quirky gifts.

From Castro, we walked towards Mission District ("the Mission).

There are some good food recommended by friend's friend around in this area. And he described this building as "a lot of people come here to take picture of this building."
The Women's Building - murals and paintings of Latin America culture.

Nearby here, one can find Dolores Park. It was said hipsters hang out there.

From Mission District, we walked back to the city again. That, was a pretty long walk. Good to shed off all the food I ate though. ^_^

Side note: 2 more days to long weekends ^_^

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