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By Cubie - September 21, 2011

My first flight with United Airlines, not the most enjoyable flight. Main reason being there was no individual inflight entertainment. Food was less tasty compared to some of the other airlines food. Getting to Sydney Airport wasn't the most smooth sailing, for the first time after more than 2 years, I took the wrong train. = ="

Anyway, fast forward all that. Touching down in SFO, strangely enough it felt very much like Australia. The food court in the airport, the feel of all of it. Hmm.. not quite what I expected. However, once we stepped out into the streets in the city of SF, it no longer resemble Australia. :)

One of the easiest way to get to the city is via BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). We had reserved for a ensuite room near Union Square area. To get there via BART, the station is Powell St. (SF), one way cost $8.10. Return fare was $16.20. It is not any cheaper if you decided to get return ticket or one way. Ticket can be purchased from machines, and you set the amount you want put in your ticket, based on your travel. Sorry, no picture on BART. In my haste, the picture is not clear :(

As we are in the train topic, let me introduce another type of transport - the ever famous cable car.

I confess, all these while I stupidly think that cable car must be those hanging in the air, going from a lower end to a higher end or vice versa. So I was quite surprise to find that this famous transport is referred to as cable car initially. We reached SF on a Saturday and the queue to get on this cable car was very, very long. I read somewhere that the queue to get on a cable car is always long, unless you are game to wake up early to be one of the first passengers. So they said early bird gets the worm. Despite it is a form of transport but considering the long queue and the cost (one way $6), it is not very feasible to use it as a frequent transportation.

Next up - street car

We used these a fair bit, certain stops have a lot of tourists but its cheap and help in getting to places. Cost $2 and good for 90 minutes. The F line Street Cars run pass the touristy places.

Muni Passports are good for unlimited rides on Muni including cable car, does not include BART. The prices are quoted on their website, I'm not sure if they are still uptodate cos we didn't get any. We found that paying as we go with the 90 minutes grace period were more cost effective. That being said, we only took one way of the cable car.

Aside from all that, the waitress who served us during lunch said that the best way to see San Francisco is by foot, of course :)

Side note: I bite the bullet and admit my beloved camera to the shop. Keeping fingers crossed that everything will be alright soon with the cost involved.

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