San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

By Cubie - September 26, 2011

This... easily the highlight of my short stay in SF. The bridge, and the journey.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge links San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. Total length including approaches, 1.7 miles (2,737 m). The pain colour is orange vermillion, also called international orange. Architect Irving Morrow selected the colour because it blends with the bridge's setting.
(source: gocalifornia wikipedia)

It is a very touristy thing to cycle towards the Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman's Wharf, onwards to Sausalito but it is also a very fun thing to do. Umm... yes, I say that despite my very unfit state.

We picked Bike and Roll, Jefferson Kiosk as it is nearest to the starting point of cycling path, minimal cycling on side of road. There's a cycling path starting at the end of Jefferson Street, with beautiful view along the way, all the way to the famous bridge. Here's the link of the trail map. Cost for bike rental for a day: $35

And you can see Ghirardelli Squre from far

Uphill towards Fort Mason - I had to get off the bicycle and push, true to its name - push bike

See, I told you it's a very popular touristy thing to do

And if you want, you could dropby Palace of Fine Arts. I'm don't think I have artistic gene in me but the building looks sugoii. We didn't go though :(

At this point, you pretty much already can see the whole bridge. I stopped ever so often to take picture of the bridge and everything else that it is only short of a miracle that my friend did not attempt to kill when I was asleep at night :p

Since we didnt stop by Palace of Fine Arts, I just have to take more pictures of it from afar.
But it does looks very relaxing does it, with palm trees and all too.

After more cycling, and an steep uphill bit (even before the above picture was taken, I've already started pushing instead of cycling up. *guilty*)

But hey! The bridge was near now... I didn't give up half way :p

Alright.. one last phone on the bridge. Seriously, if I have it my way, I would've stopped so often that we will not have reached the other side till late evening :P

Of course, there's an option of cycling back (return trip) or you can take a ferry back together with the bike. Considering the fact that we would love to try how it is like to by taking a ferry, we didn't cycle back. LOL. (how am I trying to kid? :P)

Side note: How long does it take for blisters on palm to dry out?

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