Tokyo: Ghibli Museum

By Cubie - February 05, 2015

Four trips to Tokyo. Three visits to Ghibli Museum. Two rainy days. One bus ride.

Ha! Guess what? I went back to see Totoro again! Grin. My third time in four trips to Tokyo. I blogged about both visits here and here. The first time was a rainy day too, same as this round. I walked both times but we hopped on the 'cat bus' this round. From memory, it was a proper cat bus but I guessed my memory failed me and instead I remembered some imaginary bus. I really thought it looked like this.

Due to our limited time in Tokyo and the museum's periodic maintenance schedule and close days (Tuesdays), we didn't want to risk it so we bought the tickets before departing. We exchanged our paper tickets with the filmstrips tickets.

L to R: My tickets from 2009, 2011 and  2014
I was lucky, the short film aired at my third visit was also different from the previous two. This round, we watched the short film - Treasure Hunting.

As usual, photography is prohibited interior of the museum but one could take photographs freely outside.

This round I've finally got myself the souvenir books. Don't know why I didn't the previous times though. The souvenir books are sold two together, one is a photography version, the other sketch picture. And, because I am nice (*dodged flying slippers), here's some scanned pictures from the book - on the interior of the museum.

Next up - Straw Hat Cafe, revisited ^^

Side note: Got to find new place to explore!

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  1. Its so beautiful..... so this place is a must-see?
    Going to Tokyo in November 2015

    1. Hi Elaine,
      If you enjoy Hayao Miyazaki's animations, you would likely to enjoy this place. Otherwise maybe the place would only be somewhere you go and see. :)

  2. Ten years in Tokyo, and I've never been here. I tried once, but the tickets were sold out. It's so popular. Meantime I've heard there's a zoo nearby by fennecs, and I want to say hallo to my fellow Africans, and ask them whether they're as miserable in the northern winter as I am. (Normally I avoid zoos, but fennecs? FENNECS?) Anyway. Where wôs I? So I'll pop over to say hi to the fennecs and then try this museum again. :)

    1. There's a zoo with fennecs nearby? Let me go google!

  3. Love the bouncing Totoro! I don't know about you, but our only regret from visiting the Ghbili Museum was being not allowed to get inside that plush Neko Bus ...

    1. ah..that plush Neko bus... me too! such a shame :|