Kawasaki 川崎: Doraemon Museum's Cafe

By Cubie - February 13, 2015

Out of the 8 type of non dessert food available on their menu excluding kids plate and breakfast which not available past 11 am, we ordered 6 items. We also ordered 2 out of 3 desserts on offered. Admittedly we went a little crazy over the food. There were five of us so we had fun picking dishes to try and ended up with an appetizer, five main meals, two desserts and a hot drink each. If you don't fancy hot drinks, they also serve cold drinks or water.

Anyway, here goes, in random order...

If you read or watch Doraemon, I find most people love this memory bread especially since most people's encounter with Doraemon is during their childhood or schooling period. All you have to do was to press the bread against your notes or whatever you want to memorise and then eat it! Though if you happen to go to the toilet before your exams, it would all go to waste though. Grin. So we can't help but order this as an appetizer.

Anki-pan French Toast
Doraemon's Rice Casserole with Soup

Gian's Katsu-don with Miso Soup and pickle

Jaiko's Hash Beef with Mini Salad

Konpoko's Udon Noodle with Inari Sushi

Korosuke's Spgahetti Cabonara with Korosuke's Croquette
Then we had our desserts. Bliss~

Dorayaki-Chiffon Cake, served with Matcha Ice Cream, Red Bean and Cream

Suneo's Crepe
We ended our meal with hot drinks, the rest all opted for hot cocoa. I was the only coffee drinker. The latte art was meant to be a surprise so we were not allowed to select which one we wanted. As I was the only one drinking coffee, there was no argument on which art to pick and I can't fight over Doraemon.

Mine was Dorami-chan, served on a cute mug too.

Side note: Turkmenistan's capital - Ashgabat

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