Tokyo: Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan and breakfast in Yayoi-Ken

By Cubie - February 03, 2015

We touched down in Narita in the morning. First priority after all the neccessity was to get to Tokyo. There were many people queuing to exchange their JR pass, so the line for N'EX was very long. We initially joined the queue as we got confused with the naming convention of those airport trains.

Getting to Khaosan World Tokyo Ryokan was easy. According to the hostel's website, we were suppose to get the Narita Skyaccess Express connecting to Toei Asakusa Line as we did not buy JR pass, but we have mistaken it as Narita Express. I blamed my simplied reading of Narita Skyaccess Express to Narita Express. Lucky for us that it was rectified quickly, we didn't queue all the way to the front of the line before noticing our error. We found the Keisei Narita Sky Access ticketing booth next to the long line of N'EX (Narita Express) and promptly bought our ticket Asakusa, cost ¥1,290 per person. The train ride took approximately an hour. To be honest, I still think the naming of the trains are confusing and I possibly still got them wrong but we got to Tokyo safely, so I'll let that slide, ok? ;)

Walking to the hostel from train station was easy, the hostel's website gave a good direction with pictures. Little P and I was starving by then and made a pit stop at Family Mart and bought an onigiri to keep hunger at bay.

Checking in to the hostel was easy. The reception was not manned 24 hours, if you were return late at night, you'll need to enter by the side gate after keying in a pass code. We booked a Japanese room as there were five of us, it was an ensuite but shared bathrooms and toilets just across from our room. It was actually even better as there were five of us, some of us used the shared bathrooms so we didn't have to wait too long.

Corridor to lounge and kitchen

Entrance to shared bathrooms and toilets, also laundry facilities

After checking in, we had our breakfast in Yayoi-ken (やよい軒).

Little P shared this with her cousin

This was my meal - Grilled Sanma meal, ¥590
After feeding our hungry tummies, we made our way to Studio Ghibli! ^^

Side note: Someone told me that if I sat at the front passenger seat, the taxi driver would be 'pressured' to initiate conversation. I shall stick to the back seats from now on!

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