Tokyo: Izakaya in Shinjuku 新宿

By Cubie - February 09, 2015

As we were in Tokyo in November last year... (um.. yes, last year but just 3 months ago, not too delayed :P) it was dark earlier. It stopped pouring by the time we left Ghibli Museum but it was drizzling intermittently. We decided to walk around Shinjuku and had our dinner there. It was dinner time and most of the places were full. As we were looking at the menu out in the front of the building, a man approached us and promoted an eatery inside a building.

Some of us wanted to have shabu-shabu and according to the man, it was served in that eatery. Actually, come to think of it, that eatery seem to serve whatever we asked. What we understood from our limited Japanese, the only catch was every one of us need to order a dish each. Or rather, we would have to order 5 dishes minimum.

We were hungry and didn't want to wander far in the rain, we agreed to eat at this eatery. It turned out to be an izakaya, so food was rather smallish. It wasn't a place if you want to have hearty meals, but if I was to have drinks with friends, I could imagine having it at this place. It turned out that we would need to order a drink each as well.

The food we had, in no particular order.

Side note: Do you have remedy for dry lips?

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  1. I'd still be famished there! LOL

    1. umm.. ya.. all of us ended up buying something else to eat thereafter :P