Tokyo: Hayao Miyazaki's NI-TELE Really Big Clock

By Cubie - February 19, 2015

I found out about this clock a few years back from a blog post which unfortunately I don't remember the link now. Since then, I've filed this clock into the list of things I want to see along with many others.

This clock was in front of the Nippon Television Tower, hence NI-TELE and in Japanese it really reads as a big clock. So, literally translated as NI-TELE really big clock. This clock at NTV Building is in the Shiodome area near Ginza and is accessible by a connecting footbridge from Shimbashi Station via Yurikamome Line Station. If you arrived at Shimbashi Station, it's probably easier to go back in to the station and follow direction to Shiodome in the station.

This clock, of course is an animated (is this the correct word to use?) clock. Scheduled times as above photo but please be aware that it actually starts before that time. So best to be there about 5 minutes prior to the time, also only Saturdays and Sundays included an extra timing at 10:00 am.

We aimed at 12:00 pm slot but unfortunately did missed it and had quite a few things planned for the day. However I was stubborn and was quite determined to see the animation, despite yes, I know there's something called YouTube. So, I went back and aimed for the 8:00 pm session.

And yes, I didn't miss this round and actually did record it but with my old iPhone 4, so I won't upload it here as the quality isn't good, especially it was night time too. Here's a YouTube link for it though, if you are interested. Oh, and yes, I love it :)

I read that the souvenir shop sells the a miniature working clock of the same sans the animated bits. I really wanted to see it and would buy if I like it (it looks pretty cool in the photo!) but the shop was closed for the day. It was a public holidays anyway. Oh well...

Side note: Happy Lunar New Year!

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