Six layered soft serve ice cream

By Cubie - January 24, 2013

Regretfully I only found this out after I left Hokkaido, that is why I'll have to be contented with putting up a photo on a piece from a free Hokkaido magazine.

No question, I would've obviously greedily pounced on the 6 layered soft serve ice-cream rather than the 5 layered ones. In fact, this was even cheaper than what I paid for the 5 layered soft serve.

So there you go, I missed the chance of getting one when I was there (or get it the next time when I am back in Hokkaido), but if you are planning or going to Otaru, do check it out :)

Side note: Wish they have it here, especially during this hot summer in Melbourne!

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  1. How on earth do you eat all that before it either melts or falls on the floor? (@_@)

  2. It's ice-cream, will not let it melts or falls on the floor :P