Japan: 9 days itinerary in Hokkaido

By Cubie - January 25, 2013

This is the index page for my 9 days trip in Hokkaido. 

Overview of trip and some GPS codes
6 layered soft serve ice-cream

Day 1: Arriving at Haneda Airport

Day 2: Getting around Noboribetsu, Noboribetsu OnsenJigokudani and Porotokotan

Lake Toya / Showa Shinzan / Usuzan
Day 3: Getting around Lake Toya, Sculptures and Lakeside Path, Fireworks, day trip to Showa Shinzan and Usuzan

Day 4: Getting around Sapporo and day trip to Otaru
Day 5: Around Odori Station and Shiroi Koibito

Sapporo / Asahikawa
Day 6: Getting to Asahikawa and around

Asahikawa / Asahidake
Day 7: Day trip to Biei with JR Twinkle Bus Biei Takushinkan Course and Nakafurano for Lavender Farm
Day 8: Day trip to Asahidake

Day 9: Asakusa and Ginza

Side note: Just doing some organisation of old posts

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