Chiang Mai: Last dinner

By Cubie - January 28, 2013

This is the last instalment of my over stretch Chiang Mai travel. Anyway, I walked passed this shop every day, it was along Singharat Road, on my way to and fro the hostel. I finally got around to have a meal there on my last night ni Chiang Mai. I love it, though I was rather wary of mosquito bites.

Basil Fried Rice with Pork, 30 Baht

Banana shake, 25 Baht
Not exactly a big glass of shake but tasted good. I don't know the name of the shop though, unfortunately. It was in Thai and it didn't have English signage to the shop, the menu however was in English.

Side note: I love long weekends :)

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  1. Memories of Africa. So many similarities: street food, mosquitoes, an English menu in odd places, surprisingly good food (provided you don't see what the kitchen looks like). ^^

  2. LOL.. yes.. provided one never see the kitchen! Look forward to see your photos on South Africa, places, food and all ^^