First Birthday in Melbourne

By Cubie - January 20, 2013

I relocated to Melbourne closed to 6 months ago, prior to my trip to Hokkaido and Chiang Mai but there wasn't any hint on this blog. It probably still looked like I am still living in Sydney. To be fair to Melbourne, the supposedly most livable city in the world, I'll start posting on Melbourne, not as a short trip but as someone who actually is staying in this city.

Melbourne, said to be famous for it's food, be it coffee, cafe, restaurant. So I shall start on some of the eating places I've been, on Little P's treat.

Izakaya Hachibeh
143 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9078 9909

I am quite keen on finding some good Japanese food. If Melbourne is famed for its food, it should have some good Japanese food. Sydney has had some cheap but good ones. Sad to say, I have yet found one in Melbourne.

Initially I wanted to try Izakaya Chuji but it was closed for the holidays season when we wanted to go. I found another izakaya to try out - Izakaya Hachibeh. To be fair, the food are pretty good, but somehow I prefer the ones in Sydney, thus far.

Ume Chuhai - this somehow as very, very salty.
Buta Syoga Yaki

Spicy Nasu Soboro
Soft shell crab roll
Pappa Rich
Melbourne CBD
Shop 11, QV Square, QV Building, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9654 2682

It's pretty good food but I can't tell if it's similar to the ones in Malaysia as I've never been to one in Malaysia. Though I would prefer the nasi lemak if it is spicier and without the curry chicken. I kind of feel the curry chicken is little off, Little P remarked that if it was rendang or some dry curry, it would probably more suited. 

I'm not a food critic, far from one in fact. I have limited vocabulary to use to describe food but I prefer my pisang goreng (banana fritters) to be thinner so it is crispier. Like the ones sold by makciks on the road side :D Anyway, I like my desserts and it is not a bad one :D

Nasi Lemak... can do with one now...

Semi slaughtered tau fu fah...

Overweight banana fritters
Also, thanks to Little P that I don't have to buy my own birthday cake.

And thank you all for the lovely birthday presents... 

Side note: Doumo for Gong Cha and Hobbit as well :)

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  1. Funny how we always start looking for food from home, wherever we are.

    No Tokyo supermarkets stock South African food. (I'm tempted to add, it goes without saying.) There are, to the best of my knowledge, two African restaurants in Tokyo.

    When was your birthday? January? Mine is coming up later this month. ^^

    1. Yes, funny but true.
      And yup, birthday in January, on the 9th ;)

  2. OMG!!! Have I paid you for the HObbit?