Chiang Mai: Night Market and Bazaar

By Cubie - January 12, 2013

The Segway looks fun...wonder if I would fall if I am on one
This... is the 3rd market - first being Saturday Wu Lai Market and second, the popular Sunday Night Walking Market.

This Night Bazaar is located outside of the moat area, at the east of the side of the city. I walked out of the east gate, Tha Pae Gate. This night bazaar is along Thanon (Road) Chang Khlan but unlike the Sunday Night Walking Market, Chang Klan Road is not closed to traffic. This Night Bazaar is open every day of the year, from dusk till around midnight, regardless of weather.

Wooden stuff
Street vendors set up their metal stalls close to dusk, and their are lined up side by side on the footpaths down both sides of the main road.

Blurry shot of Anusarn Market... not on purpose, unfortunately

There are also 2 other markets nearby - Kalare Night Bazaar and Anusarn Markets. All 3 of them selling mostly clothing, belts, shoes, jewellery, DVD's and CD's. One can see the similarity to Petaling Street in Malaysia, unlike the two weekends market.

Kalare Night Bazaar is an arcade style bazaar, there is also a food court inside this bazaar. The food court run on ticket system.

Likewise Kalare Night Bazaar, there were food stalls and restaurants located inside Anusarn Market. I had my dinner at one of the stalls in Anusarn Market. I feel food in the night markets are pricier comparatively to the Wu Lai Market and Sunday Night Market.

Duck Rice 40 Baht
Ok, it taste better than it looks. Fried Chicken 15 Baht
Yup, I had my usual customary one main meal, one snack and a cold drink shake. Lucky I wasn't staying in Chiang Mai for long term, or I would've become a fatty by now.

Rum & Raisin Ice Cream Shake 20 Baht
The ice-cream shake was not from any of the markets, but I caved in and got it on my walk back from the bazaar to the hostel. The shop's name was called "My Friend"

Among the 4 markets I've been (the post on the fourth market would be up soon.. hopefully) this is my least favourite. It feels overrated, somehow.

Side note: Super bao bao...

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