Monday, July 7, 2014

Uluru: Camel to Sunrise

Once we have decided on going to Uluru, the first thing we signed up after getting flight tickets and booked our accommodation was to sign up on the Uluru Camel Tour.

This is the sign on the bus that sent us back to the hotel
We opted for the Camel to Sunrise tour. The tour includes transfer to and from Ayers Rock Resorts and a light breakfast after the ride. We were collected from our hotel about an hour prior to sunrise. We have read on it's website before the tour that guests are not permitted to carry bags or large camera bags whilst riding and be careful of belongings falling out of pocket during the ride.

We were given a short briefing before the ride and asked to sign a form if we consent to photos taken during the tour. It was quite funny to note the brief awkward silence that followed after the man said, "We understand if you do not want your photos to be taken and will work around it, in case you are not suppose to be here, or not suppose to be seen with someone." (something along the line...). This of course was a brief silence, very quickly followed with a burst of laughter. LOL

There were some carry holders that we could borrow and use to put our water bottles. If your water bottle is too bulky, it might not fit. :P

Haih - blurry shot
We then assigned to respective camels and briefed on how to get on the camels, and to avoid falling over when the camels stand up.

It was actually quite chilly in the morning. We were in desert anyway. I had a jeans jacket on but my hands were way cold, so I can't help how cold it was for the girl in front of me, just in her shorts. Brrrr..

The photos were of rather poor quality shots, as I had my old Ixus 50 (yes, the one that was discontinued moons ago) as my other camera was broken in India and I have yet got a replacement. Both our mobiles are not great with low light shots. Anyway, as light creeping in...

Meet Lassie, our camel. Unless we got his name wrong, this is Lassie, and he is a camel, not a collie dog.

Along the rides, there were a few guides accompanying us, one in the front riding, leading with his camel. The others walking along the route with us, explaining about the plants, camels and surrounding.

The tour was timed that we watched sunrise overlooking Uluru, then made our way back to the camel farm. I was pleasantly surprised of the light breakfast served as I have forgotten about it. Freshly baked homemade beer bread was put out, together with jam, vegemite, peanut butter, butter and nutella. Drinks included coffee, tea and orange juice.

This is an awesome tour and a splendid way to see the sun rises. We were also given the recipe for the beer bread and I have actually tried replicating it at home. ^^

Side note: Have you found your 李大仁?