Friday, April 18, 2014

Ph(f)oto Friday: Where to little kitty?

I was waiting for a friend for brunch last Saturday, and saw this. Too cute not to take a photo of ^^

Side note: Happy Good Friday :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Daylesford: Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

It was a hot day
Globalisation eh - Swiss Italian Farm in Australia. So, is it Swiss or Italian? According to their website, it started out with Italian-speaking Swiss immigrants. However what one find now was re-created and restored.
I don't think a lot of people associate Australia with lavender. My first encounter with endless lavender farm was in Hokkaido... I suspect that's probably with most people too ;)

The farm buildings were rustic but cosy, of course there is a big lavender farm, complete with a cafe.


It was getting a little too warm to walkabout and we took a chance to enjoy our lunch there.

Looks beautiful huh, but there were also a lot of plants debris/leftover falling all over the table when wind blows

Doesn't look a lot, but more than enough for two :)

A non purple colour lavender ice-cream
Side note: Ice-cream makes me happy ^^

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daylesford: A walk in the town

We started our day with a hearty breakfast at Bocconcini, I'm the more unhealthy one... because my pick was sweet corn & haloumi fritters.

Little P's healthier breakfast of salmon and poached eggs on sourdough toast.

Despite Daylesford is a small town, there's some interesting bits around the town. We saw this...

... and decided to have a look :)

It's a bit like treasure hunt :P

It's a fairly interesting shop, selling trinkets and stuffs, but we left empty-handed.

Thereafter we jump on the Daylesford Heritage Trains which run every Sunday. We bought the return trip ticket to Musk, $10 for adult.

Train rides are always fun and this one comes with cardboard ticket and the conductor still comes around and punches them. ^ ^

There really isn't much in Musk, but it's ok. It's the train ride that matters ;)

We walkabout the Daylesford Sunday Market which was right next to the train station but saved our stomaches for lunch at another location. :)
Side note: Got to stop procrastinating and back to studying...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hepburn Springs and Daylesford

Google map showed that it is just a mere 5 minutes drive between the two, in fact, it is just a road connecting the two towns. Hepburn Springs is famous as Australia's largest concentration of mineral springs - which translate to enjoying hot springs in Victoria! :) (Read: onsen is awesome!)

We made reservation at Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, it is much less crowded, therefore cleaner than the one in Mornington Peninsula though it is only indoor.

A walk at Hanging Rock, followed by relaxing in a hot spring, what better than to finish the day with a good dinner. We did not make any reservation for dinner but saw a Rubens restaurant on the way to our accommodation. Unfortunately, it was fully booked, so we just walked to the one next door - which turned out to be Lucini's Historic Pasta Cafe & Bar.

Lucini's Historic Pasta Cafe & Bar is an eatery at The Old Macaroni Factory. The Old Macaroni Factory is Australia's oldest Italian building established in 1859 and they run guided tours about her family's life and of this property. Photography of the property is not allowed but we were given permission to shoot our meals.

The property itself is full of character and interesting bits but the entree is not to our flavour, the main is ok and the best has to go to the desserts. However we were so well fed that we almost rolled out of the restaurant.

Sausage - but a little too flour-y taste

There was surprise chocolate inside the poached fruit! ^^

Side note: Weekends just fly by so fast....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snapshot of last two months...

Ok.. maybe three, since all this crazy weeks started at Christmas period. Weekdays are work day in day out. Weekends are spent organising other all other things.

I am not running out of things to blog, in fact it is piling up but here's little snapshot of it.

Awesome glaciers at Mount Cook
After that I moved (again!) - still in Melbourne but different apartment and suburb. So there was a lot of packing, cleaning old place, cleaning new place, moving day, unpacking, dealing with real estate agents... as of now am still following up on my rental deposit, 2 months after I moved = ="

Then it was this... In fact, I moved, left 90% of the boxes unpacked and went home...

Lo Sang in Singapore, also in Malaysia

and then, more food... for Lunar/Chinese New Year
Then back to Melbourne, heaps of unpacking... and then this...

It was wow!
Anyways, there's this post because I am procrastinating... am suppose to study for an exam due next month. Apparently I think I have not done enough and now felt like I was voodoo-ed into signing up for an external exams. A lot of studying and memorising needed to save the $300 exams fee. It will be reimbursed if I pass. My colleagues are way more positive than me, because they said "It will be reimbursed when I pass"

Side note: Alright.. back to studying...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trentham: Trentham Falls

Trentham is a township located between Woodend and Daylesford. We have initially planned to have lunch here, after our leisure walk at Hanging Rocks. I read about a farmhouse style kitchen, Du Fermier and thought we could give it a try. Somehow between many Pringles chips and an ice-cream stick, we feel like we could hold off longer without lunch.

We forgo Trentham township but made a pit stop at Trentham Falls instead. We heard about it from one of the kind lady at the information centre in Woodend where we stopped to ask for direction to the Hanging Rocks. It was just right, as it was on the way to Daylesford.

Trentham Falls is one of the longest single drop waterfalls in Victoria, at 32 meters. It wasn't a big lookout spot, and from there, it does not appear to have any trail to get nearer, maybe it is accessible from another site.

Side note: I hate moving :(

Monday, January 6, 2014

Macedon Ranges: Hanging Rock

Once upon a time (well, kind of), on 14th February in 1900, a party of schoolgirls from Appleyard College went picnic at Hanging Rocks. During the afternoon, several members of the party disappeared without a trace...
That - was when I first heard of Hanging Rocks, from my co-workers' discussion on an old(ish) movie, back in 1975 - Picnic at Hanging Rock. To be honest, I have not watched the movie and don't really have any plans to watch it, yet. Despite the lack of interest in the movie, but I do have an interest in the place though ;)

Apologies - both photos were subpar, my scanner is in storage at the moment...
There's a couple of walking track to choose from - summit walk, base walk and creek walk. Creek walk is the longest - 2,300 metres return but summit walks takes the longest time of 50 minutes (return trip).

An information brochure is available to point out some places of interest on the Rock and we did try to check them out, though I think we may have missed out a couple despite circling a couple of times at certain area = ="

Regardless, I think its a good walk to stretch the legs and enjoy the nature. Anyway, here are some we found, with sign confirming that we were looking at the correct rocks :P

Said to be Queen Mary's Profile - can you picture it?
Morgan's Blood Waterfall - umm..
Weather was great on the weekend we had our little excursion, and there were some rocks that we could climb, sit and had a snack or picnic. No picnic in our case, but we brought along water and sour cream Pringles. Not the best choice of food but it wasn't shabby when we were the only ones with snack at that time! Haha.

Anyway, back to Hanging Rock. *drum roll* (LOL)

Does it invite a pose in pretending to hold up the rock? LOL
Admittedly, it is nowhere as impressive as Ayers Rock, Pinnacles, Wave Rock, 12 Apostles, Remarkable Rocks, 3 Sisters... but I'll say it is different and unique at it's own right. [Read: Ha - now it make me realised that I have visited a fair share of rocks in Australia. Grin.]
However, I have not been to the most famous of the lot yet (Ayers Rock), got to get that fixed!
Looks like I didn't blog about Pinnacles and Wave Rock, one of these days...

We were on the hungry side after the little walk in spite of snack, however we have not pack for picnic, so we continued on our way to Trentham after an ice-cream treat.

Side note: Errr... happy new year! ^^