Sunday, December 30, 2007

10 things I did for my shoes

It all started out last week with my sports shoes being wet and dirty. I thought... I might as well give it a little clean. Murphy's law was out to get me at the very day I decided to clean my shoes, it rained. Rained and rained but I dried shoes under the running fan, it thought it was thoroughly dry but it wasnt and it has this dampy smell. I was trying to avoid wetting the poor shoes again, I decided to give it a few sprays of Febreeze.

And.. things got WORSE.
It's like this... initially it got smell A which was bad
Then with the Febreeze.. it got smell B which was worse
So when smell A + smell B = worst

And so.. Operation Shoe Odour Removal started...

  1. Sprayed it with febreeze which worsen the condition (see explanation above)
  2. Endure the smell the whole day, it was like this acidic stench and mom used to say if i simply smell things, my nose would drop off, in this case, I seriously think it would
  3. I dont wear heels often, only during formal dinners but as shoes were wet (from the Febreeze, apparently it didnt dry enough) and smelly, I borrowed shoes from Little P (which happen to be a pair of heels) and I had to run in it. This Pig Angel & Little P crossed road dangerously. Tsk... tsk...
  4. Had to borrow hair dryer from Little P to ensure it is dry enough since I dare not risk to put it at the balcony in case it rains.
  5. Googled for ways to remove the odour. Got one site said to wrap it up & put in the freezer. (Read: I did not do that, rest assured)
  6. Bought baking soda and pour in shoes base, it was said to be able to remove odour... think it reduces the smell but the combination of dampy+Febreeze smell was a bit too much
  7. Soaked the shoes overnight before I scrubbed the sole
  8. Even scrubbed it with body shampoo to really kill the smell (thank goodness, it work)
  9. Brought it down to the public dryer to dry. It makes so much noise that I had to pretend to be innocent when every uncles and aunties looked at the dryer and stared at me
  10. Fan it throughout night and day
Lesson learnt. I wont simply spray it with anything anymore

Side note: A friend was kind enough to loan me this spray. He said can remove odour from shoes. Said he has been using it... but when I saw the spray today, the label read as "Foot Spray". = ="

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sense of belonging

Of late, I cant seem to locate it.
Where it is hiding, I can't seek.
Where it is kept, I dont remember.
Seems to be invisible, as I cant see

Friday, December 21, 2007


One of the Christmas present I got this year... is this...

Not the ear. The stud, along with the piercing
The last time I had ear piercing was when I was back in kindergarten. Think my mom took out the earring cos the piercing caused infection then and that was that and I never wear any earring since then. Friends has been pestering me to get it done again but I was not very keen. Don't ask me why I agreed to it later on but anyway, hey, thanks for the Christmas present.

And speaking of this present that wasn't wrapped up, it reminded me of these Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. This particular present couldn't be wrap up literally as I cant imagine having my ear plastered with celaphone tape all over it and figuratively, it reminds me of the giver in some ways... despite *ahem* he said I don't understand analogy *ahem*.

Anyway, here are the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that I've really, really like and I remember it ever since I read it years ago.

Side note: Today is one of my colleague's last day at work. And this colleague is one of my very dear friend. I'll miss having him around but doesn't mean I not happy for him. I'm sure he would do great in his new job.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A friend sketched me a portrait...= =

Side note: The cigarette looks way more appealing than me = =

Friday, December 14, 2007

FULL-filling blood donation drive

It has been a while since I donate blood via a donation drive. Actually this is only the second time I donated blood outside the blood bank itself. The first time was when I was still studying in uni.

Aside from convenience as you dont have to travel to the blood bank, it really doesnt feel very nice as while you lying there waiting for your blood to drip down, people who walked passed will just stare and stare = ="

Last sunday I decided to grab some stationery from the nearby Popular bookstore at Pearl Point. I got this weird habit of doing things when I watch TV, like iron the clothes while watching TV or wrapping my books or working. Maybe its a way to con myself that so long I'm working on something else as well it doesnt seem like I'm so much of a couch potato.

Anyway, coincidentally they have this blood donation drive at the common area outside Popular. The last time I donated blood was about more than a year ago and so I thought what the heck. By that time, my tummy was growling and I know I shouldnt donate blood if I'm hungry so I bought myself a waffle & started munching before I registered.

Doctor: Sudah makan? (Eaten already?)
Me: Ya, sudah (Yes, already)

Doctor reconfirmed my answers to the question and proceed to take my BP

Doctor: Eh, rendahlah BP (Eh, your BP low)... It was 100/60
Me: Ya kah tapi selalu macam tu lar (Really? Usually its that range)
Doctor: Tadi makan apa? (What did you eat just now?)
Me: Erm.. waffle
Doctor: Patut lar. Pergi makan dulu (No wonder, go eat first)
Me: ....

And so... from me planning to go back home and cook the simple plain porridge for lunch, I went down and had a plate of chicken rice and sugar cane drink, addition to the earlier waffle. Anyway, much to the doctor's delight that after I had that chicken rice, my BP raised to 110/70

... and was one of the most FULL-filling blood donation I went :P

Side note: Do you know that after having ear piercing, one is not allowed to donate blood for at least 1 year?
And yes, before I chicken out...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Traveler IQ Challenge

Currently I'm hooked to this game where a friend introduced to me in Facebook. Oh well, she ironically she no longer plays the game but I'm the one hooked and I went on and get my friends to play *evil grin*

Anyway, it is a very simple game. A place name will be given to you and you just proceed to nail it down to the map and points are given based on accuracy and speed. Which means, the nearer you nail it to the exact location, the higher points you will get. Easy right? Beats me why I'm so hook to the game.

Anyway, now I dont have to log in to Facebook to play cos I'm "embeded" to my blog :P (just scroll down to the end). However you will need to play it at Facebook for score keeping.

As of now I can only reach level 8 :(
There is a total of 12 levels and there are a lot of people manage to reach there (you'll know if you log in and play via Facebook)

Oh well... have fun playing :)

Side note: I have better get back to studying. Countdown to exam - less than 3 hours

Friday, November 30, 2007



忘了是怎麼開始 也許就是對你 有一種感覺
忽然間發現自己 已深深愛上你 真的很簡單

愛的地暗天黑都已無所謂 是是非非無法抉擇 喔~~
沒有後悔為愛日夜去跟隨 那個瘋狂的人是我 喔~~

I LOVE U 無法不愛你 BABY 說你也愛我 嗚
I LOVE U 永遠不願意 BABY 失去你

不可能更快樂 只要能在一起 做什麼都可以
雖然 世界變個不停 用最真誠的心 讓愛變的簡單

愛的地暗天黑都已無所謂 是是非非無法抉擇 喔~~
沒有後悔為愛日夜去跟隨 那個瘋狂的人是我 喔~~

I LOVE U 一直在這裡 BABY 一直在愛你 嗚 ya~
I LOVE U (yes I do) 永遠都不放棄 這愛你的權利
如果你還有一些困惑 Oh No 貼著我的心傾聽
聽我說著 愛你 (yes I do)

一直在愛你 喔
I LOVE U 永遠都不放棄 這愛你的權力

Side note: I've always like this song but today listening to it today surprising calming

Friday, November 16, 2007


作詞: 林利南
作曲: 黃中原
演唱: 黃大煒、謝霆鋒、游鴻明、黃中原

(鸿明 中原)是不是你也和我一起在寻找
(大炜 霆锋)我相信那么多的关心总会带来希望
(鸿明 中原)陪你一直到老
(中原 鸿明)我知道这些日子你要承担多少哀伤
(鸿明 中原)才可以面对破碎的梦想
(鸿明 中原)别忘了我们这里还有鱼

Source: Baidu, Kingnet

Side note: Calv just posted up this song a few days ago. The song has been an all time favourite, bringing memories. Also the lyrics has a hopeful meaning... may all find their "fishes" :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Do you remember this boy? He acted as Nick Szalinski in Honey, I shrunk the kids the movie many years back. This is how I felt I looked like when I first started to wear specs. I dont know why but back then I remember I would always notice the frame whenever I looked at things and I just felt I look like him.

Anyway, got my specs yesterday. This is how the new pair of glasses look like

Had to get it done fast cos the old pair was dying... it actually broke a few months back, somewhere in July or August and all the while I stick it with elephant glue, till somehow it doesnt work anymore and I had to hold it using cellaphone tape. That was it, I had to replace it.

Zooming it in for a clearer view

The white colour tape is magic tape (read: its only "invisible" when u use it on papers)

Anyway, this new pair is probably my 5th specs.

1st specs: Lost
I remember my 1st specs was lost when I was riding my bike. The zip on the bag opened and everything flew out, including my file, university application form and of course the specs. That time I dont wear specs when I ride bike, got this odd thought that I cant wear helmet when I wear specs. Shrug.

2nd specs: Scratches
It was uni orientation and it was really hot. Specs was getting oily. I was wearing this baju kurung and spontaneously I reached up and wiped the specs using baju kurung. The whole lens was scratched. I wore the scratched specs for a whole year before got it changed.

3rd specs: Chipped
The frame was chipped and it has been a long while since I changed my specs. Had my eyes checked and the astigmatism reduced. So I changed a new one. This must've been the most normal reason to have a specs changed.

4th specs: Broken
The one just retired a few days ago. I had to wear contact lens to work while waiting for this new specs.

Hope the new specs last long.

Side note: Think my ear not same height, a bit painful after wearing the new specs.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Homecook Food

It has been a while since I had homecook food but yesterday I went over to sis's place and mom cooked so I tapao back for dinner today.

Curry chicken - the way I like it, loads of potatoes and using chicken breast meat, no bone :P
prawn fried with egg. Mom has never cook this before, at least not using the big prawns but she said nice wor.
green veg... err, if you know me well enough, you would have known of my limited knowledge in identifying green veggies
winter melon soup with dried oyster
Kind of lame of me to post up what I had over dinner... but its sort of "patching" for my forgetfulness of taking pictures of the scrumptious bak kut teh I had yesterday with a friend. When I saw the food, I've forgotten all about taking pics ... and the only thing I took picture of was this...

The reason being was food wasn't served yet at that time
Anyway, now super bao bao :P

Side note: Picking up the new specs tomorrow after work... :P Maybe I should take pic of the cellaphone-tape-specs... :P

Thursday, November 8, 2007


People told me that when you are stress, or depressed... smoking will somehow makes your woes puffed away... figuratively anyway.

Oh well, has quite a bit in my head and hence asked a friend for a stick of cig. Maybe not for smoking but just want to light it up or something. Friend didn't say anything but after a short while told me to check email.

In my inbox, I received this...

Grin... friend really make good use of virtual stuff, but i think the picture is rather nice :) so I asked for the JPEG copy and blog it up. Thank you, buddy. It was nice talking over it with you.

Side note: I desperately need to pay a visit to my optometrist, elephant glue doesnt seem to work anymore. Now specs frame is holding by celaphone tape = ="

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

Literally translate to walk walk to find food. Attended one of the nicest Leadership Forum organized by the company, there were a few that I conveniently found myself in another place, but this one... truly is one of the nicest. It was like a food hunt where we were given an easy puzzle figuring out which restaurant and pictures and hints of food. We were to match the food to the restaurant and we get to taste them! It was a 8 course meal from 8 different restaurants :P

Food from Aseana Cafe, San Francisco Steakhouse, Bong Sen, Imperial Chakri Palace, Genki Sushi, House of Sudanese Food, Al Marjan and Dome Cafe.

Out of the eight restaurants/cafes, I've only been to 3 by myself, the rest just looks too expensive. Also, I find Al Marjan restaurant which serve Arabian food a very nice and cosy place to eat. If you are seated at the outside, looking up, you can see the Petronas Twin Tower. The sofa is just so comfortable that even after eating, we just don't feel like moving away, the food is good too... but I heard it's rather pricey :(

Umm.. its rather obvious I kind of like this restaurant, grin.. and hence more pictures on it.

the entrance, looking at the Korean restaurant opposite it
the interior

Side note: Iranian coffee tastes... not so much like coffee though...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Place in Heaven

I mentioned someone said to me "There's no place for you in heaven. " Oh well, had a chat with that friend just now...

me: ei ei
me: play that

friend: do i have to?

me: wahahha.

friend: i want i to be a surprise
friend: whether i go up or down

me: apparently i still got place in heaven
me: despite u said no place in heaven for me

friend: still got?
friend: but hey, 50 years frm now, there may be thousands more young ppl who were born later
me: ^!^@^$!@#$.. wanna wipe off my little hope ar?

friend: they were good and unfortunately they die young
friend: and they took your place

me: = ="""

friend: nah...not wipe your hope
friend: just instilling some reality in you
friend: u floating already

me: then u just tie me to chair lar...

Side note: Suddenly heaven feels so small...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alones by Aqua Timez

This is one of Bleach opening songs for episode 121 - 143

Oreta awai tsubasa
Kimi wa sukoshi aosugiru
sora ni tsukareta dake sa
mou dareka no tame janakute
jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo

izen to toshi no bion ga toutsuu
uchigawa ni tomaru go osoku
toki wa ubau ni koukanosha
im ga arya to wa urahara ni

tarinai kotoba no hitomi
no ma ni de umetanain darou
Mou wakaranai yo

semete umero, wakatta?
jiyuu ni oyogetara
naa sora mo irana ne ni
kinou made no koto wo
asu ni makaeru no ni

Oreta awai tsubasa
Kimi wa sukoshi aosugiru
sora ni tsukareta dake sa
mou dareka no tame janakute
jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo


Your fragile, folded wings are just tired from the pure blue sky.
You don't have to force your smiles for anyone
It's okay to smile... for yourself.
That lonely feeling keeps creeping up on me
A single candle still burns inside
There shouldn't be an expensive chandelier in a wild place like this
Can I really bury it all with empty words?
I don't even know anymore...
As long as we can swim freely in our dreams
we won't need that sky anymore.
Even if you can't let go of the past
I'll still be there to meet you tomorrow
Your fragile, folded wings are just tired from the pure blue sky.
You don't have to force your smiles for anyone.
It's okay to smile... for yourself.


Side note: The song gave a feeling of sadness... quiet sadness.. somehow.

Hmm... too lazy to shoo bugs off eh...

Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 80%

Gluttony: 60%

Wrath: 40%

Envy: 20%

Greed: 20%

Lust: 0%

Pride: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 31%

You will get bugs, because you're too lazy to shoo them off. And then you'll die.
Side note: Someone said to me, "There's no place for you in heaven,"... I didnt fare to badly eh.. :P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wordless talk with Jack

It was a quiet windless night. She was there, typing quietly in front of the computer, stopping occasionally to have a sip of the bittersweet concoction of Jake Daniels and Coca-cola. The ever loyal companion was left collecting dust under the table. It has been a while since she had a drink, a quiet drink while entertaining her thoughts. Tonight must've been the night that sleep would overcome more easily with the soothing of Jack.

It was a long day. In fact, it has been long since yesterday. Started of with a flat tyre of her motorcycle, the other old friend since 10 years ago. It was a mystery, the same tyre had a small puncture exactly a month ago as well. Pushing the motorcycle looking for the said workshop was not easy. The last time they had such a long "walk" together was probably a few years back, from the KL campus of UKM to chow Kit, and from Chow Kit to Jalan Ipoh.

After having the tube changed, she headed back to work and left her work place at night. Upon reaching home, she had her routine of checking her email. In her mailbox, there was this email that lifted up her hopes yet hit the panic button that left her nervous till the next morning.

The phone call promised by the email never came. She waited nervously from the night before to the next morning, from morning till night. Each time her phone rang, her heart jolted a little, hoping for the said phone call... but it never came.

The afternoon itself havent been exactly uneventful as well. She had some disagreement with a friend and she felt sad and horrible.

Suddenly she felt a warm feeling creeping down from her face to the neck. Jack must've been that comforting...

Side note: Maybe that's why people likes to drink when they are sad...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia, located 19 kilometres (12 mi) southwest of Perth, the state capital, at the mouth of the Swan River on Australia's western coast.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Picture from
This place gave me a feeling of very laid-back, some place where as you walk around the town, your worries will just fade away. The buildings are like those old designs, the kind that I like :)

The one thing anyone shouldn't miss is the Fremantle Market. It is a weekend market, hence do pay a visit to Fremantle on a weekend.

It was opened in 1897 selling from souvenirs, coffee, kites, fruits ... providing a lot to feast the eyes on. There is this store that sells the most economical magnets as compared to other souvenir shops I went to... and trust me, I walked in to a lot of souvenir shops hunting for t-shirt my bro-in-law's sis's daughter on behalf of my mother
(Read: mom forgot to get the extra shirt and was on the verge of blaming me for flying back on friday morning instead of friday night cos the other market, the Subiaco market where she bought the rest of the shirts is also a weekend market)

Oh yah... entrance is free for Fremantle Market ;) A gem really.

The other place I stopped by for awhile was the Fremantle Prison, but this charge A$ 16.50 for the entrance. There are 3 types of tours - Day Tours, Torchlight Tour and Tunnel Tour. Under Day Tours - there are Doing Time Tour and Great Escapes Tour. They recommended the Doing Time Tour for 1st-timers. Booking is required for the night time tour.

This is the main entrance to the Fremantle Prison. We were just in time for the last tour.
The inside of the prison compound.

The prison is divided into a few divisions, the lower number housed the less "dangerous" convicts/prisoners. The middle picture on 1st row is the kitchen area. Convicts/Prisoners are paid to work and the best paid job is in the kitchen. Only those showed good behaviour were allowed to work in the kitchen... after all, thats the place where they would handle knives and stuff.
The middle picture in the 2nd row is a picture drawn by a prisoner in his room. The hammock in the room was how the prison was ... in older times.

Fremantle Prison also housed female prisoners and the only time male and female prisoners not separated was when in church. However, female prisoners would be standing at a certain allocated place (see the picture on the right, the place behind the curtain)

And... one last time not to be missed - tucking in to Fish & Chips in Fremantle. There were a few famous restaurant but the one I went to was Cicerello's.

You will be given a pager upon ordering, then when the pager rings, lights up & vibrates, its time to pick up the fish & chips. We had fish & chips and kalamari and chips. By the way, sauces are chargable.

Side note: Suddenly I'm hungry... I want to eat kalamari & chips.


I realise... it seems that everytime i wash toilet, my housemate is waiting to take bath = =""
Regardless it is in the morning, noon, evening or night... after I finishing cleaning the bathroom, I realise he has been opening his room door every now and then trying to see if I've finish cleaning it. = ="""

Now... it's I purposely always choose the wrong time to clean or he just want to take bath first everytime the bathroom is clean? Weird.

Around Perth

I was just right on time for the wildflowers season and hence King's Park was full of them. The more unfortunate event was... it was pouring. Sort of stop when we ran for shed but started pouring again when we fished out the camera. Hmm...

wildflowers in King's Park
Other places are...

Perth Mint

Swan Bell

London Court

Lake Monger

Scarborough Beach

City Beach

~ and again, King's Park - night view. To be exact, night view taken from King's Park.

Side note: Lost my flow of thoughts but then pictures tell stories right?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Just had dinner with friend. Friend said wanted to find ...

a good man

a rich good man

a rich and loyal good man

It is already so hard to find a good man, but want to find a rich and loyal one too?

= =""

Side note: It feels odd that I dont see him anymore out of office hours... 是不是我又做错了什么

Monday, October 15, 2007

Caversham Wildlife Park

Most of the "to-go-places" in Perth warrants a payment. Entrance fee for Caversham Wildlife Park is A$ 17.00 per person.
The rest of the information, can be obtained from it's official website.

Main attractions are feeding the kangaroos, touching the koala and holding the wombat. There are special sessions for you to meet the wombat. The guides will tell a little about wombats before allowing for opportunity to cuddle the wombat.

As for the kangaroos, they are all housed together and you can go in by yourself without getting a guide to unlock the door as it was not locked. There are food supplied for the kangaroos, just take a few pellet and put it in front of the kangaroo/s. If they are hungry, they will eat. Otherwise, just move on to another one.

Koalas are locked up, so we were pretty lucky that we met one of the guides when we were walking about and she let us in. One is to touch the koala with the back of hand at the koala's back as touching with palm is consider rather offensive and might scare the koala. One must also not touch the leaves, otherwise the koalas will not eat them.

There are also other animals and birds. :)

Side note: Not very in the mood to blog about it at the moment... we'll see how it goes

Perth: Day trip to Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island or affectionately referred to as Rotto is a island off the coast of Western Australia (WA). It is easily (but not cheapl...