Kyoto: Getting to Kiyomizudera

By Cubie - April 16, 2011

As I only spent a day and a half previously in Kyoto, I resumed my adventures in Kyoto terrorizing Kyoto by myself.

From a very informative file provided by Capsule Ryokan, I learnt that I could get to Kiyomizudera by a bus station just around the corner.

I took a picture of the bus stop sign, which very funnily caused me to get off the bus in a totally wrong bus stop later on. = ="

I left ryokan rather early, and there were many notes mentioning that Kiyomizudera could be crowded with day trippers later in the day.

I had a bit of trouble locating the direction to walk after got off the bus. Then, I realised there was a little sign showing the way.

A smaller road leading uphill.

Hey look! 4 t-shirts hanging out to dry
A sign that I didn't get lost was souvenir shops starts to dot on both side of the road leading to the temple as I get nearer.

Some of the shops were just opening. Haha.. a sign that I was rather early :P

Oh look! They have those crepes here too!

Side note: Please God, please let me pass my IELTS tests. I don't want to retake

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