Kangaroo Island: Penneshaw and Seal Bay

By Cubie - June 26, 2011

Jetstar is offering sales tickets to Osaka and Tokyo again. Uggh.. it drives me crazy every time I see those sales. I want to go to Japan!... but the travelling time are selected dates from September to December this year. I must keep in mind of this sales next year if I want to go to Japan during autumn next year.

Anyway... I got distracted... easily. Back to Kangaroo Island. Ferry brought us from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw.

Getting off the ferry, there were people directing the ferry passengers to respective day tours operators. I headed towards the Sealink. There were a few selected tours, so after a quick confirmation, I hopped on the bus.

Journey from Penneshaw to Seal Bay actually took quite a while. Along the way, scenary were not bad but sky looked gloomy, threaten to rain again.

The bus drive who also acted as our guide gave some introduction along the way, at some point, he pointed out for us to looked out and see kangaroos roaming freely. So there are kangaroos in the wild, not in parks. Have yet to see any while koalas though. My colleague's partner who is from the UK reckons koalas don't live in the wild... think sooner or later, I have to agree with him :P

Seal Bay is home to the third largest breeding colony of Australian sea lions. It is said that these sea lions usually spend 3 days feeding in the sea and 3 days on shore resting, that's where we were going to see those sea lions.

Apparently, the guide said we would spend about 40 minutes seeing the sea lions. I thought to myself, 40 minutes sound decent time. However, I have to say I was rather disappointed, and I am not too sure if we did spend 40 minutes, it was totally short visit. We barely stepped to the beach.

Look at the hanging bridge, asking to be explore!... but we didn't go anywhere near it

We were to move in a group, led by a guide from the park... on a wooden plank walkway, heading towards the beach. Where we saw these 2 little sea lions playing. They were very far away actually...

At certain point... this far away...

At at nearer view, were this family of sea lions... to which when I showed my friend, she commented, "Look like a family of sea lions commited suicide"
= =""

Then, we were all told to head back. On the way back, I saw this sea lion.. this was the closest view I saw. Actually, the sea lion was looking straight up to a little girl, sort of inviting her to play. I just so happen to walk past near the little girl. Lucky ^_^

Side note: Hope the sleepy spell has worn off...

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