Hahndorf: A German Settlement in Australia

By Cubie - June 21, 2011

Hahndorf is located in Adelaide Hills, and is one of its most famous town. It is also Australia's oldest surviving German settlement. I can't comment if it really resembles a German town as I have never been to Germany before, but it is a lovely town. Technically, the main attraction is Hahndorf Main Street, where shops line both side of the street, including some quirky shops and German bakeries.

To me, Hahndorf sounds like a popular day trip destination... but strangely, when I asked the lady at Tourist Info in Adelaide Airport on public transport to Hahndorf, she didn't know. She seem troubled that I was going to do it as a day trip and suggested that I joined a day tour. Me? Nah. I was pretty sure there are public transports to Hahndorf. I thought I'll ask at the backpack place when I checked in. They were a little better, at least they know there are public buses but said it is a difficult to get to. I wasn't too convinced and I found the best place to ask - Adelaide Metro :)

And you know what? It was heaps easy to get to, right outside Adelaide Metro at Currie Street, bus no 864 and 864F at stop E1. And since I'm going on about public transport... Adelaide Metro is great, and the best thing is a daytrip ticket at $8.60 - covers everything serviced by Adelaide Metro - trams, trains, buses. How cool is that... none of such thing in Sydney, unfortunately :(

Getting to Hahndorf by bus takes approximately 45 minutes, get off at stop no 54. This is somewhere near bus stop 54 - some sort of winery/restaurant from memory.

Not too sure if this is someone's house, but I find the hanging bicycles interesting. :P

Along the streets, were some nice shops to explore and poke about.

This reminded me of Moo Moo Gal... hence the photo :)

St Paul's Lutheran Church at the opposite end of the street.

It started drizzled at this time, opposed to what the weather forecast showing sunny days throughout the long weekend. Oh well, I suppose it was a little different, what I saw was forecast for Adelaide, this is in Adelaide Hills. So there... see the weather forecast but bring your umbrella, which I didn't. No umbrella, no raincoat, no poncho. However, the lucky thing was it was pouring heavily.

I walked back down the street, it was time to warm myself up with pipping hot, hearty meal. Nothing better than some German sausages in Hahndorf :D
I had my meal in Bistro 25.

Very yummy venison sausages, served with sauerkraut and purple cabbage
Washed down with hot chocolate
I spend the next few minutes waiting for a bus going up the street, at this bus stop, opposite of Bistro 25. Not the building... just the bus stop :P

Next stop - Strawberry Farm

Side note: I feel like a slug. I don't know why but am really tired. Maybe cos I'm stuffing myself silly with snacks after meal? Doubt it is related...

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