Happy Dumpling Day

By Cubie - June 07, 2011

A day belated, but happy dumpling day to all, nonetheless. Since I stepped into Kangaroo Land, I have not had any homemade dumplings or bak chang (whichever your preference to refer it as). I still remember the year I came it was a couple of days after Duan Wu Jie and one of my friend brought me some homemade dumpling.

And.. that was the last of yummy dumpling. Last year, I tried to join the bandwagon of eating dumpling on the day itself, and got myself one. It... was horrible. I didn't take any picture though. This year, I thought I'll give it another chance. I bought not one, but 2. Hmm..

One is pork with salted egg, the other chicken with mushroom. I would've only got one if they make one with chicken+salted egg+mushroom. Anyway, I tried the one with salted egg first.

Seeing the pale colour of the dumpling, my heart dropped. I was not hopeful that it would be tasty. Oh well..it wasn't but being brought up not to waste food, I finished every bit of it, dousing with a spicy ABC chilli sauce. That was a big ball of rice with only 1 piece of pork about 1cm x 1 cm x 1 cm, 1 piece of pork fat of the same size (which I don't eat), 1 piece of salted egg and the yellow bean that you can see. I am not exaggerating though I don't have pictures to prove cos this is the only picture I have on that dumpling.

I kept the other dumpling till yesterday. This one was the chicken with mushroom dumpling.

If you think the dumpling looks quite tasty, I welcome all credit on my photography skill. If you think otherwise, it is not my lack of skill but how the fact is. In fact, I can't seem to remember seeing any mushroom, maybe it has been chopped to small pieces a mixed together with the minced chicken.

So there... if you have any intention of making yourself disliking dumplings or bak chang. Welcome to Sydney, buy some and eat them. I assure you that in time, you will grow to dislike this specialty food on Dumpling Day.

There may be some good ones that I have not encounter but my colleague at work who seem to know where to find all the good deals and food have not found any yet either. So, I'm not hopeful.. and mind you, I paid $3.50 for each one of these dumplings.

So there.. despite my ramblings on dumplings. Hope all had a great day anyways :P

Side note: The line is always scheduled to be on trackwork when I really need to catch the train.

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  1. haha... i really love to eat bak chang!! n i missed it so much... i will get to eat it when im back to kl in 2 weeks time... my aunty brought some from my hometown to kl and my mom freeze it till im back...cant wait to go back.. ur 2nd bak chang pix looks ok..but 1st one look bit tough n pale...

  2. I also like dumpling. But they taste horrible. I think if I eat anymore I will turn to dislike. Found another shop which look a bit promising. Maybe will try again :p