Kangaroo Island: The Beginning in Cape Jervis

By Cubie - June 24, 2011

I was undecided if I wanted to take a day tour to visit the Kangaroo Island. It was expensive, the price is equivalent to my return flight ticket from Sydney to Adelaide, which supposedly was on sale. Though of course, a slightly higher sale price considering it was a long weekend.

Anyway, considering that I might not return to Adelaide in the near future, I decided to bite the bullet and made a booking. Reason for daytrip - I was travelling by myself, it may actually be cheaper than me driving and all, and of course, I don't exactly have a license to drive in Australia. Also Kangaroo Island is a bit of a pain to travel about without motor transport.

I booked my Kangaroo Island daytour with Sealink. Sealink actually runs the ferry between mainland and the island. My choice was the Kangaroo Island Highlights Day Tour. Many recommended on staying for a couple of days, however I have only 3 days and I am not willing to spend more than this on Kangaroo Island or Adelaide. This tour includes pick up from hostel/hotel to Cape Jervis where we continue our journey by ferry to Penneshaw of Kangaroo Island. Then back to a bus for touring around the island and the return journey.

After a very early flight to Adelaide the night before, this day tour is a very long tour. I was picked up from the hostel I stayed in at 6.15am. Reason being time included to pick up other passengers, and from Adelaide to Cape Jervis about 90 minutes.

I hopped on the bus when I was still fuzzy from sleep, in a still dark morning sky. Most of my fellow tour member were couples. That's the downside of tours I suppose.

When we reached Cape Jervis, the sky has brighten up. I treated myself a cup of coffee and tuna bun I packed earlier. Still can't get how people travel in style with a tiny little handbag, when just a camera has hogged up all the space, let alone some snack, bread, water bottle, beanie....

View to accompany a skim flat white

On board the ferry..

Doggies allowed on board
The front of the ferry, looking out to the destination
A small counter selling food and drinks
2 kids on board of ferry were teasing a doggie by dropping a dog soft toy of the floor. Not the doggie in picture, another doggie...

Side note: Hibernating over the weekend...

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