A walk in the Capital

By Cubie - May 20, 2011

Little P said I stopped blogging after I finished the Japan trip series, and that to promote more posts, I should go travel more often. LOL.. *ponder

Anyways... I found myself back to Canberra, ACT. Hmm.. not that there are a lot going on there for me to go back again and again. Despite my 3rd visit to the capital of Australia, I have not step my foot at the Australia War Memorial. This trip was more so of running an errand, an important one.

I took a Murrays Coach this time round, and googled up on public transports in Canberra, as I did plan on going to the Australia War Memorial (as there wasn't much choice left) and Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets, just because it was a more feasible distance destination. But no, I ended up walking the whole time I was in Canberra, no buses, no Australia War Memorial and no Fyshwick Market. Blame the weather, it looked so threatening to rain but it didn't *roll eyes*I stayed in Rydges Lakeside Canberra, after being conned by google map. I promised when I first googled it, it told me this said hotel is on the same side as Malaysian High Commission. Just like this...

Walking direction and it's 3 minutes away! I was a happy girl. Note the 'was'. Imagine my horror when I reached there.. and it told me walking time about 45 minutes (from memory). I googled many, many times and it told me it was 3 minutes away.

Despite coaches stop at the other side of the city, I decided that I would stay in this 3 minutes away from Malaysian High Commision hotel, in spite of not so good review in tripadvisor. By the way, those reviews are pretty much hit on the spot, nice lobby but the room were old. Overall it was clean but the carpet makes me tip toe when I walked and hotels in Australia doesn't provide slippers.

So, in the end, I spent 15 minutes walking to the city where they have the big Westfield, and 45 minutes to Malaysian High Commission. Also, as I did not bring my mobile charger with me at that time (thinking it was only a night), and didn't want to risk getting lost or late the next morning, I tried walking 45 mins there...and back (another 45 mins).

The whole trip pretty much revolved around me walking back and forth :P

Behind Rydges Lakeside Canberra, there was this little bridge, the beginning of the walk towards Lake Burley Griffin.

See.. there's the hotel, even the building looks yellower than the rest of them.

From small bridge to bigger bridge. View from the bridge.

The lake itself!

Parliament House from afar

Back to the main road after a stretch of walk by the lake.

Crossing the big bridge which connects the 2 side of Canberra.

That was the bridge that I just walked crossed.

The other side of the lake.. Canberra Nara Peace Park

Don't play play, this led to where the embassies/consulates/high comms... I was unsure, looking at the little path...that was what google map said (when it was showing the correct distance.)


Side note: I must be more productive tomorrow! Ganbaro!

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