Kyoto: Shichijo-dori

By Cubie - May 02, 2011

Lunch was simple Japanese curry rice at ココ一番 (Coco Ichiban). However, it was not short of effort. After missing having it in Akihabara a couple of days before, as well as in Nara. I take note of the location of ココ一番 shop in Kyoto when I passed it whilst on the bus.

The location was reaffirmed on my walk back to Capsule Ryokan Kyoto from Sanjusangen-do Temple. I did not visit Sanjusangen-do temple, it was about 8pm then, I hopped off the bus at what I thought was a nearby bus station. LOL. I suspect it would've been nearer walking back from Gion straightaway the night before. I put it down as getting to know Kyoto better ^_^

Here's how some part of Shichijo Dori looked like.

I had pork curry the last time, this time around I wanted to try エビにこみカレー (prawn curry)

...with a side of soft boil egg.

After lunch, with some more time to kill, I walkabout around Kyoto station.

This is a little random but ... here's a picture of washroom in Porta, a shopping complex adjacent to Kyoto train station.

I am very impressed with the hooks provided for hanging things. How cool is that?

I succumbed to peer pressure and got a bright pink beanie, but it really kept the ears warm!
By this day, the precious 14 day JR pass had already expired. I got myself the JR Kansai Area Pass for 2,000 yen as Haruka Limited Express to Kansai Airport (non reserved) cost 2,980 yen one way. However one cannot use any shinkansen or other limited express using this pass.

I returned to Capsule Ryokan to pick up my fatty backpack and things, shed all the layering before walking back to Kyoto Station to board Haruka 31 bounding for Kansai Airport.

I was sooo tempted to get an ekiben and eat it on flight. LOL.. but didn't in the end as flight was 8ish and I could grab dinner in airport, then brushed my teeth. :)

Last meal in the Land of Rising Sun, Ebi Tempura donburi.

Side note: Alright... thank you for reading my very long-winded journal on my Japan trip undertaken in January. I might randomly write other stuff ... but that's another story...

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