Short eating trip to Perth

By Cubie - May 22, 2011

I was back to Perth, after my first visit in 2007. This was a much shorter visit, only around Perth, main objective was to bring my mom on flight from Perth to Sydney.

Sis and bro-in-law's hospitality was top notch. Prior to my departure from Sydney, my lunches and dinners venue has already been set. The only miss was the squid ink pasta. Well... there's always next time then.

Late night supper the night I touched down in Perth Airport - apple strudel from Corica. I flew on Saturday night, no thanks to Jetstar which re-scheduled my flight from Friday night to Saturday night, they cancelled the Saturday morning flight. Anyways, back to the apple strudel. Corica does not open on Sundays, so sis bought it on Saturday morning and I had it for supper. LOL :p

Pardon the photos, it doesn't do any justice to the taste. I was too eager to dig in. It was awesome.

I didn't do much on the 3 days there, totally pigged out - literally eat and sleep, with minimal walks. Seriously.

Lunch on Sunday morning was dim sum, didn't take any picture, too hungry then. Pizzas from Little Caesers Pizzeria's was set for dinner on Sunday night. We travelled all the way to the shop in Mundaring. 4 savouries pizza to feed 5 people, and another 1 sweet pizza as dessert.

One pizza missing as it was with background of people busy eating, so I decided to omit it. Unfortunately, I didn't jot down what pizzas we had, and there are too many varieties, umm.. I can't remember the name :P

I believe this is Janes Addiction (garlic prawn, mozarella, cream cheese, lemon) but I could be totally wrong
CBGB (sauce, mozarella, garlic, chicken, seeded mustard, brazil nuts, capsicum, onion, roasted butternut pumpkin)
BBQ (bacon, shaved ham, mozzarella, chicken, pepperoni, bbq sauce)
Black Forrest (choc cherry cake, dark chocolate, icing sugar, vanilla ice-cream, cherry syrup)
This is for serious sweet tooth, eating pizza without ice-cream won't last you very long. The ice-cream really cuts cut the sweetness of the chocolate!
Duck rice for Monday... and a home-cooked meal before flying off on Monday evening. I'll be back for squid ink pasta! :P

There you go, my eating trip in Perth.... with just a little stroll in the city. Very little.

The signature black swan outside Perth Train Station

Side note: Is Kangaroo Island worth it?... *ponder*

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  1. wow!!! love d food... so yummy!!! where is kangaroo island???

  2. hehee.. it was yummy! kangaroo island is in Adelaide.. decided to go... next mth..