By Cubie - August 17, 2010

It feels like I was stuck in Italy eh? But we did leave, in fact Venezia (Venice) was our last stop. Venice is packed full of tourist and seem very popular with Chinese tourist. All the missing in action chinese tourists starting from Florence up, started to re-appear :P

The main transportation in Venice (island) is by foot and water, unfortunately water buses aren't cheap. The standard fare is €6,50 but there are option of tourist travel pass giving option of 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, or 7 days. We bought the 24 hour pass for €36.

Despite Venice is a very touristy place, I like Venice - the cosy, narrow alleys...

... though I am hopeless in finding my way

Walking through the alley ways feels like going around in a big maze...

... with only certain alley way able to connect to the next one...

It was funny how canal cruises are suggested as one of the itinery for a few of the places we went - Amsterdam, Brugge, Paris, Venice. We did not take the cruise but then again, taking water bus in Venice is sort of cruise in a way eh?

And no, we didn't go for the gondola ride. Sis said gondola rides are for couples, if both of us go on one, people will think we are a couple :P

The famous St Mark's Square in Venice, a very big square... not to be missed. Somehow I find it difficult to take a presentable in this square... buildings are too big to be fit in a nice angle or something :(

When we were there, I spotted someone carrying a supermarket plastic bag and I went over to asked him where was the supermarket. We were desperate to find cheap bottle water :P but unfortunately, err.. we can't find the supermarket, no thanks to my lack of sense of direction. Also, supermarkets were closed by then.

Venice is also famous for squid ink pasta (al nero di seppie), it was cook with spaghetti in the shops we saw in Venice but sister said she wanted to try one with tagliolini... think that's the famous one.

We tried twice, but the first one in some bar, looks a bit dodgy :P the whole bar is only served by one man. It is call squid ink pasta, hence the black colour, and yes, it will make the teeth looks black :P (top row, 3rd from left and bottom row, middle)
The rest are some of the food we had in Venice.

And here are some of the biscuits and sweets from a shop in Venice. We wanted to try one and sister took a photo of it, then off we went in to the shop and showed it to a lady manning the shop to buy it :P The lady laughed and told the whole shop! :P

I don't know, but somehow I think Venice has this magic, making you feel at home :)

And maybe, next time if tour guide and I happen to go to Venice, I will get to try cruising in a gondola :P

Side note: Another hour to go... I hope Telstra will not FFK me :(

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