Take 5: Missing food from home

By Cubie - August 09, 2010

Was looking through my folders of pictures and ahh... food from home are yummy!

First day of breakfast, I brought tour guide to popiah and coffee in Imbi Market. LOL, think tour guide got a bit of culture shock :P

Nasi lemak with spicy kick.. yumm... Miss the days when I can hopped down and buy nasi lemak for just RM1 ... :(

Otak-otak, steamed version. Not as good as the one in Alor Star despite I have always prefer the steamed otak-otak.

Ahh.. yumm.. asam laksa, don't know why it is more difficult to find asam laksa.

Maybe I should try if I can make this at home...

French toast.. grin.. but this can be found here. Sydney has quite a bit of HK style cafe.

Casual mamak food for sharing :)

Pig Angel brought me to eat this fish ball noodle soup... yumm.. miss it :(

Side note: It's bad to look at food pictures that I cannot get :(

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