Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore

By Cubie - August 06, 2010

Leaving La Spezia town, we took a train up to Cinque Terre. Strangely enough, there wasn't any Asian at sight. There was a trend as we travelled up from Rome. Rome being one of the most popular destination, chokeful of tourist, all over the world. A little lesser in Florence, but Indian tours were noticed. No chinese speaking tours spotted. As for La Spezia and Cinque Terre, my sis and I must be the minority Asian foreigner :P

As rare as it get, we noticed that somehow people don't lug around a fat backpack (we called our backpack 肥仔, literally translate as fat boy). Don't quite understand as to how people manage to stay a few days up in the hills but casually bring a small backpack or a handbag or nothing at all. Umm... so much so that someone actually took a photo of us going up the staircase carrying a daypack in front and the fat one behind. On the way up the staircase, my water bottle dropped, the guy who shot us was worried, told me don't pick it up and he will help me. LOL for the fear that I tumbled down the staircase. :P Anyway, I managed.

Ok.. Cinque Terre - I'm glad we make a stop there and many thanks to Little P for recommending. I would say it is a good break from churches, museums and art galleries. I had fun tracking the trails... lol but pretty sure that time I was panting away. :P

Map courtesy from this website. The nearest village to La Spezia is Riomaggiore. There are walking trails connecting the 5 villages, as well as a train line. The first village we had our pit stop was Manarola as that was the village we stayed for the nights... but I shall start with Riomaggiore, as it being the nearest village from La Spezia.

Riomaggiore reminded me layers of houses, in a beautiful way.

Walking through the village starting from the train station, we passed through alleys and houses, leading to the waters.

And after making a full round, we were back to the train station again....

Side note: Seems like catching the cold comes with craving for pandan chiffon cake... hmmm

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