Cinque Terre: Vernazza and Corniglia

By Cubie - August 14, 2010

The initial plan was to post village by village from the most south village Riomaggiore, going up to Monterosso. However it seem odd to chuck in Corniglia when the trekking obviously brought us to Vernazza. So, it make it a little organised to put both villages together. Anyway...

It was passed noon when we reached Vernazza. Vernazza is said to be the prettiest of the 5 villages. Maybe that explains as to why among the 5 villages, it was most crowded.

It has a pier and there were many boats nearby. Also, it seems much colourful in this village. We walked about the village and bought some souvenirs. It was fairly difficult to find souvenir that mentioned of 5 terre instead of individual villages, but then again, I guess getting people to buy one for each village is definitely more profitable.

We decided to travel out of Vernazza by taking the train. Train stopped in the tunnel when reached Vernazza, just follow the crowd and you will reached the village :P

Before that, we had pesto pizza for lunch. Yup, there were pesto pasta and now pesto pizza :P It was actually one of the nicest pizza we had by far.

We took the train to Corniglia, the only village that we have not visited then (Monterosso being the first village we visited after stopping in Manarola to check in to the hostel).

One significant difference between Corniglia and the remaining village was that the town centre is much further from the train station. Of course one could still reach by foot, but there were shuttle buses from train station to the town centre. The cinque terre train/bus pass holders travel without further charges.

Corniglia is also the only town not directly on water, it's on top of a cliff.

We didn't stay long in Corniglia, it was getting late and the town was getting quiet. Also we wanted to be back in time during the 'window' period when the hostel opened for dinner.

Side note: High tea in QVB tomorrow! :)

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