Smallest Country in the World

By Cubie - July 08, 2010

Vatican City - can be easily reached via bus or short walk from metro station. We heard stories of long queues and hours of wait to get into the attractions of Vatican City, but somehow it doesn't really make us wake up early to beat the crowd.

I thought the itinery of only Vatican City would make it a more relaxing day, translated to less walking required. And of course, it potrayed that impression to my poor sister :P How wrong I was, we walked and walked... that Vatican Museo is huge!

Upon approaching Piazza San Pietro, there were many guides approaching, asking, "Do you speak English?" We marched straight on and once we stepped into the piazza, the queue was so long that it went all the way to the opposite of the entrance.

Umm... maybe we should've woke up a little earlier. Grin, I was glad it wasn't too bad. The queue was actually moving rather quickly, maybe because it wasn't a queue to buy tickets but just for security check to get into St Peter's Basilica (Basilica Sancti Petri).

By the time we exited the basilica, and hang around the post office (Vatican City has their own stamps), it was noon time. Not knowing how big that musuem was and that we brought some plum cakes, we thought that would do till we get some lunch. Strangely enough, there wasn't a long queue to get into the musuem.

It is amazing how much effort and work was put into a room. Paintings so detailed and filled up the whole of ceiling, and somehow it gives the 3D feel to it.

The most famous room is Sistine Chapel, the ceiling was painted by Michelangelo. Photography is forbidden in this specific room and it was noticably darker. However there were people not only taking photo but used flash as well. It was then followed by announcement in multiple languages to remind that no photography is allowed :P

Vatican Museo was so big... by the time we finished the musuem, we were tired of walking and it was almost 5pm!

We were hungry but not wanting to grab food near Vatican City as it was noted to be expensive, so we travelled back to get some food. On the second night in Rome, we walked in to a nearby restaurant but food was bad, hence today we decided to give the pizzeria recommended by the B&B owner a try.

I ordered ravioli and was a little disappointed that the portion was small. I was starving!

There were only 5 of them (this must be entree portion!)
However menus in Italy were divided into entree/starter, followed by 1st main, 2nd main and dessert. Lucky for me, sister ordered the salmon spaghetti and the portion was much more filling, so I get to share :D Both the ravioli and spaghetti dishes were under the 1st main. We tried a second main dish which was a beef dish, and it was yummy!!

The price was reasonable and it was a good dinner especially we didnt have any lunch aside from the two plum cake. Plum cake is like another version of Apollo Cake :P

Side note: I like Windows 7 :)

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