Last stop in Toscana - Pisa

By Cubie - July 25, 2010

This is how the travel book looked like on the way to Pisa. Can't remember which day, think it was when we travelling from Rome to Florence but one of my water bottle was dripping on the book in my bag. The tattered book gave false impression that I travelled the world eh? Lol

We took a train from Florence to Pisa. The plan was to travel from Florence to La Spezia and hopped off to see the leaning monument. Train ticket is valid for a couple of hours and so long we reached the final destination in time, all is good. However we were worry that we might loiter a little too long and lost track of time, so we got 2 different set of tickets. From memory the price is the same, if it differs, it was very minimal.

We reached Pisa and it was raining :(
Left our big backpacks in the left luggage place and walked towards the direction of Piazza dei Miracoli.

On the way, by the river is this Santa Maria della Spina church. It somehow looks little comparatively to other churches.

Walking on, we reached the main purpose of stopping in Pisa.

We didn't climb up the tower but like other visitors, we tried to take silly pictures of pushing or holding up the tower. Somehow everybody else are more skillful than us - what took other people in a couple of minutes.. we took much longer. Can't figure out how people can get those leaning-on-the-leaning tower-pictures much easier than us but they just did. Tour guide told me later on that it's the photographer who made adjustment instead of getting the "model" moving front, back, left or right. Oh well... too late now :P

Since we were already in Pisa, thought we might as well pay a visit to a few more places before heading off to the train station.

This is Piazza dei Cavalieri. I gave up waiting for the few people standing in front of us to move away, they stood there for quite a while :P
A quick google (according to Wikipedia) showed that this square was the political centre in medieval Pisa. After the middle of XVI century the square become the headquarters of the Order of the Knights of St. Stephen. Now it is a centre of education.

Walked along the streets of Pisa... and headed back to Pisa Centrale Train Station, retrieved our backpacks and off to La Spezia.

Side note: Masterchef Finals on TV :P

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