Siena of Tuscany

By Cubie - July 20, 2010

Siena is a famous for daytrippers who made Florence as their base. We took a bus to Siena and one of the first things that greet us is this....

... which is really good as sister was asking me where could we see floor paintings :D

The most well-known thing in Siena is Palio di Siena, which according to the Italylogue is a bareback horse race around Siena's main square, il Campo. It’s a tradition that dates back to the 1600s, and it pits the city’s districts, or contrade, against one another in what can’t even be described as a “friendly rivalry.” The horse raice runs twice each summer. May in Europe is nowhere near summer, that being said, of course there wasn't any horse race run when we were there. However, there is no reason why we shouldn't visit il Campo :)

Grin. There's also a duomo in Siena, which is no less interesting in its design but I personally still prefer the duomo in Florence :)

Siena is not too far from Florence (that's the reason of being a popular day trip) but there was a different feel as we strolled along the streets.

And it was funny to see how many people stopped to take a shot of this view between 2 walls :P
It started with a man who walked in front of us stopped to take a picture. When we reached the spot, we had a look and captured a shot. As we finished taking the picture, there was 3-4 more people who stopped and take a photo of it!

And another nice view from loitering on the streets :P

Before we left Siena, there were some guys singing to some loud music. Have totally no clue as to what happened though.. which is a shame :(

Side note: A bit restless... but can't put my finger to it...

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