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By Cubie - July 04, 2010

To get to the sights in Brussels requiring us to cross the Grote Markt again, and of course, time for more picture taking. This is a big square and there were a lot of tourists.

There is a tourist information at this square but not very informative. Pampered by very knowledgable staffs working in tourist information centre in Amsterdam, the one in Brussel was quite a let down - especially the one located in the Grote Markt. We stumbled upon another tourist info centre while walking back to the B&B the night before and decided to give it a go, this other tourist info was much better.

After finished our errand of printing the flight itinery, I decided that it was time to get a new pair of shoes. It started with the worry of the shoe laces wouldn't hold till the end of the trip and that walking in puddles in the shoes during rainy days is taking its toll. Initially I thought shoes will be wet anyhow due to the heavy rain, but I was wrong, I was the only one walking in wet shoes... and it dawned on me that - it was due to the soles coming off.

Bought and put on the new shoes straightaway, we pay homage to the Mannekin Pis, a famous Brussels landmark of statue of a naked boy urinating. One of the legends revolves around fire being plotted and a boy urinated on it and saved the city. Many costumes were being presented to Mannekin Pis and on the day of our visit, the bronze statue was wearing an orange costume.

We roamed around the city...

St Hubert Gallery
and once again, had the famous waffle...

Belgium, of course, famous for their chocolates and you will see fine chocolate shops dotted the city...

...also is the home to Godiva

We got some yummylicous chocolate truffles (from Neuhaus, according to Kimmie has very good chocolate - totally agree). These choc truffles serve as excellent dessert on our simple, budget food days :P

pardon the photo, I was anxious to have a bite
We left Brussels, taking an late evening flight to Rome.

To me, first time in the Europe continent and flying in to Amsterdam gave a very good impression. Amsterdam is a lovely place, beautiful scenaries, safe streets, friendly and helpful people. Hours of train ride away, we reached Brussels. We were being warned to be careful of theft, some people are less friendly but maybe because of the language barrier but there are people who did try to help despite we don't speak Dutch or French, and they don't speak English. Rome? ... that's another story.

Side note: Finished those tables.. but...

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