Sydney: Round 2 in 2017

By Cubie - May 28, 2017

A slightly melted firecracker
Back to Sydney for the second time in 2017, this time for an internal conference which translated to breakfast, lunch and dinner was organised. Other meals not organised by company, I was too polite to take photos of my meals, or I was back to my usual joints - Masuya, Chat Thai and Ippudo.

Karaka men with added egg
This round we were being put in Sydney Harbour Marriott as the location of the offsite conference was a block away.

Dinner on the first night (before the start of the conference) was Tokyo Laundry at the Gateway which was round the corner from Marriott. The food was good... but I personally think the price tag is too expensive. Oh, and before that we had drinks at Lot 1 Basement Bar, because it was near work.

I left Sydney on Sunday afternoon, giving myself some extra time which I used to pick up the above Firecracker from Shangri-la Hotel. This dessert was made famous in this year's Masterchef first elimination round. The description of the dessert - Roasted Milk Chocolate, Peanut Grue, Raspberry Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Cremeaux, Raspberry Cold Set Brulee, Chocolate Souffle Sponge, Raspberry Gel, Roasted Milk Chocolate Mousse, Crunch and a Chocolate Shell complete the delicious picture. It was superb!

It was melted because it went through a flight from Sydney to Melbourne
S and E also bought me some dessert from Anna Polyviou's dessert pop up bar, that was when I learned that I could buy the firecracker!

Turntable tim-tam milo tart

Berried pavlova
The other new place I tried was matcha hojicha soft serve at Chanoma Cafe. In my thought of getting the photo with the front of the cup, I missed grabbing the photo where it was most obvious of the 2 flavours. The darker shade was the hojicha.

I also saw a place in Sydney that sells eggettes (gai dan chai) but I was totally stuffed when I walked passed the shop, it was after dinner in Masuya and the above soft serve ice-cream. I had the brilliant plan of buying it for breakfast the next day but they only opened at 11am, but I wanted to buy the firecracker and in time to have my dose of ramen. Next time!

I did, however, stopped by to get some HK milk tea from this hole in the wall authentic HK place - Dragon Espresso on Sussex Street. I was really surprised that the lady who runs the place still remembers me! My friend and I used to frequent quite often but it has been a while since I last went after I moved to Melbourne.

I know it seems like I only ate desserts and sweets, I actually had much more main meals. :)

And... here are some complimentary photos of Sydney, which many places are barred off due to construction work along George Street.

Side note: 2 more working days!

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  1. I was in Sydney too, last week for Vivid Sydney.

    1. Ah nice! I missed it though, I left just before it started.

  2. Mouthwatering variety of desserts. Of course the firecracker looks best!