VIC: Grampians National Park

By Cubie - April 25, 2017

The rock where many want to have a photo standing on it despite a railing to prevent people to get there... 
The Grampians National Park or Gariwerd (in local Jardwadjali language), or more commonly referred to as The Grampians is a national park located in the Grampians region of Victoria.

Getting to the Grampians, it took about 3 hours driving time and passing Halls Gap, the gateway to the Grampians. Our first stop in the Grampians was Silverband Falls.

Silverband Falls

The description on the Go West website described it as "On arrival we immerse ourselves in the Australian bush with a gentle stroll to the delightful Silverband Falls." To be honest, I was disappointed. The name Silverband sounds awesome, and the reason for the name simply because it was thought to resemble one but I was disappointed. After a 3 hours ride on a van, seeing and hearing magnificent things about the Grampians, I expected just a little more.

Lunch was on the cards after this, we were driven back to Halls Gap town to have our lunch which was included in the fees.

A bit like school lunch eh? During the collection of food was where I suspect the driver / tour guide can't recognise Asians or thought we all looked the same. I stood behind an Asian woman who was collecting for 4 person (her husband and 2 daughters). There were 3 different options of fruits (apple, pear or banana) and 2 different types of bread (normal buns or the ones with grains). As he was trying to fish out packing with pear or bananas, another person came up behind me. All this time I waited for him to finish getting things for the woman in front of me but he then asked the lady (Caucasian) behind me what she wants. So both ladies (front and back) took all the bananas and pears, I was left with apple. Meh. Haha.. I do eat apples but usually not when I have a choice :P

Anyway, Halls Gap is just a small town, here are some photos.

The park is full of dog poops though, be careful where you place your foot. 

Next up was Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

It's not as grand as the other Grand Canyon but this is more like the Grampians I went to see.

We were told upfront that one should not sneaked off to the Pinnacles, as it takes at least another 2.5 hours or so going up and more dangerous.

Reeds Lookout

Next to Reeds Lookout was the walkway towards The Balconies, it wasn't part of our itinerary either :(
However the tour guide said the the view from Reeds Lookout is somewhat like The Balconies, well I won't know...

Mackenzies Falls

I guess this is the kind of waterfall I expect. Grin. Anyway, there is an option of either getting to the waterfall itself or going to the lookout point and see the waterfall from there. I chose the former, almost wanted to go the lookout point too but I spent too much long looking at emus. Lol. The walk to the waterfall involves going down some steps and if there is going there, there is coming up. The one to the lookout was said to be a more flat route but I didn't go to ones, so can't really tell.

And here's the said emus.

Despite the barrier between the emus and I, but in actual fact they are pretty much free to roam. There is no barriers on the opposite side at all.

Boroka Lookout

Boroka Lookout was said to provide one of the best panoramic views of the surrounding regios overlooking Halls Gap town, Lake Bellfield and beyond.

Last but not least some kangaroos at the Grampians Petanque Club.

Side note: Anzac Day 2017

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  1. Lovely scenery, especially that lookout at the top!

    1. Yes, it is... it would be great if able to stay overnight! :)