Central Asia: Uzbekistan's favourite sons

By Cubie - December 20, 2015

In this Malaysian household, Amir Timur is "neighbour" with Doraemon. Yes - the blue postcard on the right of Amir Timur is Doraemon. 
If you are not good in remembering names or running out of time to read up anything, or even if you dislike history, there are two men I would like to introduce you to if you are going to visit Uzbekistan. Please meet Uzbekistan's favourite sons - Amir Timur and Alisher Navoi.

Amir Timur
Timur was born in 1336 near the city of Kesh (now called Shahrisabz). The word Timur originate from the Turkic word - "iron". Timur had conquered more than anyone else except Alexander in his lifetime. His armies crossed Eurasia from Delhi to Moscow. From 1370 to his death in 1405, he had built a powerful empire and became the last of great nomadic leaders.

Timur was buried at Gur-i-Mir in Samarkand. Timur's grandson Uleg Beg was a famous astronomer and scholar. Babur who founded the Mughal Dynasty in 1526 was his great-great-grandson.

Alisher Navoi
Alisher Navoi was a great poet, statesman and the founder of Uzbek literature. He was born in Herat on 9th Feb 1441 and passed away on 3rd Jan 1501. He was also an architect and designed many schools, hospitals, inns, bridges, roads and channels. His real name is Nizomiddin Mir Alisher. Navoi was his pen name. One of the metro station in Tashkent is named after Alisher Navoi.

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