Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Christmas Lunch

My first sit down western Christmas lunch!
I am defying my slightly obsessive compulsive nature of not breaking up my holiday posts to put in a interlude  post - my first western Christmas lunch. T invited me to join him and A for lunch on Christmas day, complete with a Christmas cracker. All food cooked by T and they are yummm!

Yes - I told T that I am being an Asian and want to take a photo of all the food :P

My first Christmas cracker
There was a lame joke on a piece of paper, a paper crown and a little gift inside the cracker. We had the crown throughout the lunch. Grin.

Ham with potatoes
T's favourite cooking method, potatoes cooked with duck fat. Lol.

Corn bread
Vege quota - beans
Baked sweet potato
Pumpkin pie
 Ok - another photo of the pumpkin pie, served with fig yoghurt.

Side note: Back to work again before end of the year....


  1. I hope its not too late to wish you Merry Christmas. What a lovely Christmas lunch you had there

  2. Ahahaha funny that you declared your intention that way.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year Cubie!

    1. Lol - but it is trueeee.... Happy new year Lina!


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