Nikko 日光: Kanmangafuchi 憾満ヶ淵

By Cubie - March 13, 2015

Kanmangafuchi is serene and beautiful. We left Tosho-gu and head towards Kanmangafuchi, hoping to make a good time before the sun set. Lucky for big breakfast but we were getting a little peckish and could do with some food. So we bought some koala biscuit as snack before walking to Kanmangafuchi.

If you see these two statues and you are coming from the Tosho-gu area, you are pretty much on the right track. We actually stopped here to check the map and saw this statue below, it looks like a head, isn't it?

It probably took us longer than the usual expected time as we walked, ate and took plenty of photos - of bridge, waters, leaves, houses... lol

I initially thought this was some drain with some super fast water...

I promise, it really wasn't far to walk and you will be well rewarded. If it helps in the walking cause, there are drinks from vending machine to fuel the energy.

We got one on the way back...

You'll go through a park with some stones and greeted with water sounds soon after. 

Seeing the crowd in Tosho-gu (there were different groups of tours and school students with different colour caps), it is actually quite amazing that it is quiet here. There were a couple of people but we were by ourselves pretty much most of the time. (and yes, it is a good thing).

The statues lined up along the river. Serene and tranquil.

It is said that the numbers of the jizo changes each time you count them, both Little P and I counted separately and we got the same number, at 88. Though we did cheated a little as we only counted the bigger statue.

We walked back to the town area bought some sake and went back to the hotel. ;)

Side note: Connoisseur's Murray River salted caramel sauce and choc coated hazelnuts ice cream is yummm.. even better when eat with some liqueur.

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  1. You went to Kanmangafuchi! It's one of my favourite short strolls in Nikko, and much less crowded than any of the other sites. Beautiful beautiful photos! :)

    1. Yes! I love it! Beautiful and fairly quiet. It is awesome!