Nikko 日光: 4 meals in Tokanso 東観荘

By Cubie - March 07, 2015

Dinner on Night 1
We reached Nikko much later in the evening than anticipated. By the time we reached the hotel (their website referred it as hotel though it feel more like a ryokan but I'll go with their own website), it was probably 10 pm at night. The man manning the reception checked us in and told us that because we were later than the usual dinner time, they would need to make some adjustment to our pre-booked dinner. Little P and I was a little disheartened as we really looked forward to the kaiseki meals. Our room booking included breakfasts and dinners but we were late and beggars can't be choosers. We even joked that we might be served Nissin noodles. After all, Nissin noodles originated from Japan and he did mentioned that there would be adjustment to our dinner.

When we went to the dining room after 15-20 minutes time, we saw this on the table.

I take back all the cynical comments I made, that was just superb food. This is Japan and I should not have doubt the hospitality in service. My bad. We later found out that he was worried he could not find the sashimi and would need to change that with something else but he did, so we were served the same dinner if we have turned up at dinner time.

It was shabu shabu night

How could you not fall in love with the food served? Yumm.

Breakfast on Day 2
We looked forward to breakfast the next morning because the dinner was superb. All was tuned off for Little P when she saw the breakfast spread.

Aerial view

Dinner on Night 2
We really looked forward to every meal in Tokanso after the first night. Today we were served beef to be cooked under covered heat. As Little P doesn't take beef, they swapped it to shabu-shabu for her. This was informed when booking was made, so I was not sure what was the intended meat to be served if there wasn't any miscommunication.

Too beautiful not to take another picture of

Breakfast on Day 3
Our last meal in Tokanso (How I miss the meals!)

Side note: Seeing this makes me want to cook yummy food!

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  1. Mouthwatering pictures ... was that a crab leg stuffed into a peeled tomato?

  2. They are feast! Even to the eyes! *envy*

    1. They were yumm... but you are going back to Japan in Nov! *envy*