Kawasaki 川崎: Doraemon Museum

By Cubie - February 11, 2015

Our itinerary for day 2 was to visit the Doraemon Museum. The museum name is actually Fujiko F. Fujio Museum but his most famous work is Doraemon. Breakfast was an easy purchase from Family Mart, on our walk to the train station. I shared a onigiri and sandwich with Little P. We actually returned to Family Mart for that sandwich on the days that we can because that sandwich was really yummy.

Hand model: Little P

I kid you not, this is evil sandwich because it is so good
Likewise Ghibli Museum which no tickets are sold at the venue itself and our kiasu-ness, we bought the tickets to Doraemon Museum before we reached Japan.  Little P has kindly arranged for the ticket purchase via bridge.jpn website. Efficient and fast.

Once you reached Noborito Station, you'll see signs of doraemon in the station itself, as well as near the bus station.

Walk down the staircase to get to the bus stop to catch shuttle bus
Dorami-chan will be there to ensure that you didn't miss the bus stop. Bus fare costs ¥210 one way.

The bus itself was pretty cute and has little things of Doraemon to keep the fans happy.

Photography is prohibited inside the museum, except cafe and reading section. You can however take photos to your heart's content outside of the museum (same as Ghibli Museum). There were enough little things outside that you could photographed like this wall. Even when you queued to get in to the museum, there were exhibits inside covered glass to keep you occupied.

We exchanged our A4 paper size reservations with small tickets issued by the museum. This ticket included a short film as well.

Audio guide is free for all and from memory the audio guides were not to be brought outdoor or cafes. We wanted to have a meal in the cafe as our first priority as our breakfast was hardly sufficient. So we only collect our audio guides after our meal. There was a waiting list to get in to the cafe, we were given a number and an estimated time to return. The outdoor area was just next to the cafe, so we went snap happy while waiting.

This is where you can buy the Memory Bread as souvenir
As you can see, there were three big characters for Doreamon lovers to take photos with. On the right, there was a short queue because that was where Doraemon could be found. 

Here are some photos, taken from nearer distance.

There were limited photo opportunities inside of the museum, but you can take photo at the reading area / Manga Corner. I didn't take an overall photo as there were a lot of other people reading or resting there.

This was actually on the outside of the building but you'll need to pass through an exhibition area to get there. Totally manual work, if you want to take a photo, you'll have to 'pump' Gian (aka Giant) so he would appear from the well.

This post has gone a little longer than then length I like, so I'll write about the cafe and the food we had in another post.

Side note: Bishkek is Kyrgyzstan's capital city...and I can never get the spelling correct = ="

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