Peer pressure

By Cubie - March 17, 2013

Part of Merri Creek... I think
 ... is a b*tch. Pardon my French, but it is. However in this case, it is a good b*tch, if there are good b*itches. You wonder what has that got to do with the serene looking stream photo. Allow me to explain.

I tried out the couch to 5k thingy in Sydney, and my usual go-to place to do this was none other than the Harbour Bridge. When I started out, to and fro the Harbour Bridge was just the right distance, and if I need to go further, I could go all the way towards the Opera House side, or continue towards the Royal Botanic Garden next to the Opera House.

I moved to Melbourne thereafter, and am fairly unfamiliar with this place. Note the present tense. One fine day, I was jogging (a very slow jog in my context) and stumbled upon this place above, to which I believe is part of the Merri Creek Trail and the river, is probably the Yarra River, if not Merri Creek.

Somewhere at Digits Falls Trail
To be honest, I am still clueless about as to which trail I was jogging on, as there are Digits Falls Loop Trail, Yarra Bend Trail, Capital City Trail, etc around the same area. I could have been on part of trail A and move to trail B unknowingly. There were times when I happily jog on and realised that I have no idea how to get home, but still stubbornly refused to retrace my steps. A couple of times I fished out the phone to check on google map but it would lead me towards the main road but I would ignore it and trying to find my way in the middle of the reserve trails. There were also times where I would trail behind other people to find new routes, but those are not the best way as I am a slow jogger and I have absolutely no idea where they are going. Lady Luck must have higher tolerance towards silly people like me, because I always find my way home before dark. ^ ^

Anyway, I digress. Back to peer pressure. Despite enjoying my slow jog, there were many times when I was just plain lazy, slug by nature and would just roll at home. However when my friend told me she is going for a run, this peer pressure switch would be turn on, and I actually feel guilty for just ゴロゴロ (goro goro; idling) at home.

It's a b*tch in that sense, but it's actually to my own good, so it is a good b*tch. Don't you think so?

Side note: Note to self - stop buying yummy food to munch... = ="

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  1. "Lady Luck must have higher tolerance towards silly people like me." She's very kind to me, too. :)

    Your post made me laugh. My plan was to stay at home today, but then it turned into a beautiful warm spring day and ... I went on a walkpedition. It's not even peer pressure; it's just weather pressure! ;)

    1. Ah.. weather pressure. I get that too.. sometimes it just feel such a waste not to go for a walk on a good, fine day! :)

  2. Going out on all sorts of weather are fun! Cold/hot...

    It's a totally good peer pressure you're experiencing. More peer presure please! :)

    1. actually it is fun to run on colder days, but of course winter in Australia is nothing like Japan ;)