Pearl of the Orient

By Cubie - March 02, 2013

I went to on two separate trips, much to my regret, I didn't post any on the first trip. There were some blog posts on the second one, but not in this blog. That being said, it means that both trips were prior to October 2007.
I am fairly sure things in HK have changed since, so there isn't much help even if I write on transportation, eatery places, etc. I wonder if the sites changed too.
In no particular order...

Golden Bauhinia Square.. there was pretty hard to take a photo without tourists.. so I might as well take one with them

Che Kung Temple

HK Heritage Museum - it's a pretty interesting museum :)

Sha Tin Park

Snoopy World

10,000 Buddha Monastery

Fortune tellers in Temple Street

Bird Street

Avenue of Stars

Clock Tower

Home to Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Flower Street but my photo looks like some random florist :(

Yao Ming's double in HK

From Victoria Peak on a possibly good day

The unmissable Big Buddha in Lantau Island

Passed this market in Sheung Wan almost daily during my second trip

Super duper long escalator

Shopping stripe in Causeway Bay

Symphony of Lights

Chi Lin Nunnery... see those high rise building at the background?

Repulse Bay after a training session

Beats why I took photo like this of a Stanley Market...

Rows of push bikes in Cheung Chau

Flea Market at Apliu Street

A cheap and beautiful way to cross to back to Central

A popular temple in HK dramas

Another HK icon :)

Side note: I think I need to drag myself out for a walk tomorrow...

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  1. That market in Sheung Wan reminds me so much of the newly renovated Tokyo Station! Don't you think?

    I've never been to HK, but when I see photos, I always think the old, Chinese HK looks more interesting than the modern, cosmopolitan HK. I feel that way about Tokyo, too! :)

  2. Oh ya, now that you mentioned.. it does kind of resemble the newly renovated Tokyo Station ^^
    The old, Chinese HK feels more characteristic :)

  3. Eih! Pearl of the orient not Penang ah? :-D