Down to Nowra and Berry

By Cubie - January 31, 2011

Last year's Christmas long weekend, I decided to travel down to the South Coast via train, to the end of the train line. It was a four days off from work, most of my colleagues were already on holidays days prior to Christmas Eve. I had a scrumptious Christmas lunch at a friend's place, travelled down to Nowra on Boxing Day and overnight in Berry. The last day of the long weekend was spend running some errands. So no, did not participate in the crazy Boxing Day sales :P

It was quite a long train ride, also rather infrequent train, especially since it was running on holidays schedules. The train station was in Bomaderry, about 20-30 minutes walk (not sure if also affected by heat) to Nowra Tourist Information. Crossed this bridge on my walk from Bomaderry train station.

From Nowra tourist info, I headed to Ben's Walk. On the way to Ben's Walk, another picture of the bridge. This bridge is all over the magnets for Nowra :P

Ben's Walk is approximate 30 minutes or more from the tourist info as well. May be longer, considering the photo taking and heat.

By the time I reached this lookout point, I was sunburnt. No thanks to the forgotten sunblock.

How ironic that the very same evening, it started to pour soon after I checked in to the hotel in Berry. Luckily I packed dinner for the night! However I wanted to try the famous Berry donuts, said to be cooked upon order. Wanted to go for a walk after had a good shower but upon stepping out of the hotel, it started to rain. In the end, I crossed the road and got those donuts :P

Both Nowra and Berry are small towns. There are rows of shops in Berry Village, but unfortunately its not exactly fun when its raining. :(

The road leading to the train station...

Oh... and my breakkie was this beef onion pie.

Side note: That, was the last trip of 2010...

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