Ph(f)oto Friday: Malaysian Food

By Cubie - March 22, 2019

This is me being a little lazy but it summaries some of the food I had in Malaysia. Most of it you can get them all over Malaysia, after all good food must be shared but some I don't see in other states.

For example laksa. There are so many different types of laksa depending where you are from. In Sarawak, you have Laksa Sarawak. In Penang or the northern states, when we say laksa, we mean asam laksa but in KL laksa usually refers to curry noodles. They are not the same dish. If you want asam laksa, you need to be specify that it is asam laksa that you are looking for. The one I like and have in Alor Setar is a mix of asam and lemak laksa. Or you can get Laksa Teluk Kechai.

Or Hokkien mee is actually prawn noodles in the northern states but in KL, they are stir fry dark brown thick noodles. It is a different version in Singapore. Another version commonly found in the northern states of Kedah or Penang is hokkien lor which is a mixture of prawn noodles and lor mien (hokkien braised noodles) broth.

Side note: I'm still trying to "condition" my tongue and taste bud to accept Malaysian food in Melbourne...

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  1. What region does Lemak Laksa come from? Or does it have regional variations as well?

    1. The ones I had were from Kedah but I think Kelantan (another northern state on the east coast) also has a different laksa lemak version. :)