Arriving at Laos' former royal capital, Luang Prabang

By Cubie - March 07, 2019

I took a night flight to KL from Melbourne, then caught up with my sister before taking another flight to Luang Prabang. The Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Luang Prabang and return flight had a transit in Bangkok but we didn't leave Bangkok Airport.

We had 5 days 4 nights in Luang Prabang. Even though our flight touched down at about 3:30pm, by the time we cleared immigration it was almost 5:00pm. We didn't have queuing luck. The line was long enough, and the officers asked us to move to another line a couple of times. The queuing time went on longer with each move. I think we were in the line for at least an hour even though the airport wasn't big.

After withdrawing some cash from the ATM just outside of the airport, we walked out of the airport and found a tuk-tuk that was willing to bring us to the ancient town at 30,000 kip (~AUD 5 / ~RM 14.50). Sis observed that there are 2 types of tuk-tuk, one is the usual type you see transformed from a motorcycle, the other a little more similar to songthaew in the form of pick-up truck. The one we got one was the latter.

View from tuk-tuk

Side note: "Thank you" in Lao is Khob chai

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