Eat and shop in Singapore in a day

By Cubie - March 24, 2019

This was actually taken when flight took off from Singapore

I had about 2 weeks holidays just before Christmas to a week after new year - one of those mandatory leave. I started off with Luang Prabang, then KL followed with short stops in Alor Setar and Penang. Singapore was my last stop before I fly back to Melbourne. One of the main reasons was because there isn't many direct flights to and out of KL. Malaysia Airlines was too expensive, Air Asia wasn't cheap either plus they have now move to Avalon Airport which I am trying to avoid. Expensive and far isn't a tempting choice. I departed Singapore on Scoot and have some time to visit my friends in Singapore, which means food!

Dian Xiao Er
I landed in Singapore just in time for dinner on a Thursday night. To save time my friend travelled closer to the airport and we had dinner at Tampines One. For some reason I read Tampines as Tam-pines but it is actually Tam-pi-nes (the pi is not pronounced as π).

Herbal roast duck

Sambal squid and petai

Baby kailan

I think this is house made tofu

If memory doesn't fail me this is likely tian ji

Killiney Kopitiam
This time Moo moo cow brought me to the first Killiney Kopitiam on 67 Killiney Road, Singapore. The shop front existed since 1919 but the koptiam was only named as Killiney in 1993. The shop setting in this shop is still very traditional feel with hanging fans, wooden stool and white tiles wall.

Kaya toast with soft boiled egg. Curry chicken and roti canai at the back

French toast!

Lunch was at Crave to have some Malay style nasi lemak. Umm... I prefer Malaysian's nasi lemak, maybe my taste bud is trained so...

I had the kuning fish set and moo moo cow had the chicken wing set. Add on squid and spicy thai otah to try.

Bubble tea is taking the world by storm. This one is from China and popular for their cheese tea. We shared the grapefruit boom tea.

Fishball noodles at neighbourhood food court
This was my breakfast... hahaha. No photos of dinner the night before but it was zichar at another neighbourhood food court. Hehe.

I am truly blessed with amazing friends. They took made an effort to spent time with me, not only that they paid for my meals too.

Side note: Please remember to carry your passport if you are shopping for tourist tax refund! ... I forgot :(

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