Western Europe: Germany - Two lovely nights in Bacharach

By Cubie - August 21, 2017

I got off the KD Ferry, cut across a park and passed by the town's train station. It felt like I should've at least arrived at the town center, or at least see it. I approached a man who was unloading boxes from a van to confirm that I have not taken too many wrong turns. He told me to wait, went inside and spoke to another person. When he came out again, he told me to walk straight (right side with train station behind me) for about 200 metres, turn right and I would see the guesthouse that I was looking for. I thanked him and continue my slow steps with my 13kg backpack on my back.

Welcome to Bacharach
I am hopeless in gauging distance, or maybe anything at all but as I thought I have walked long enough, I looked towards a laneway on my right. Lo and behold, I saw what a very welcoming sign to indicate that I have reached my destination.

The signs on the right
I rang the door bell and Irmgard Orth opened the door with a wide smile. She is very friendly and I felt very at home. She speaks a little English and I speak even lesser German but there wasn't really an issue communicating. Irmgard Orth rents out 3 bedrooms in her house. She thought I wanted a room for two person so she had quoted me a room with ensuite on our email correspondences. Upon realising that I was by myself, she offered me another room which was cheaper but the bathroom is outside, to be shared with the other room. I picked the cheaper room (with shared bathroom) but the other person only stayed for a night, arrived later than me and left early the next morning.

The room and bathroom are clean, there is a sink in the room for convenience as well. A hearty German breakfast served at her living area, Irmgard Orth stays in the same building on a different floor.

Bacharach was founded by the Celts and later on passed to the Archbishops of Cologne. It passed hands a couple of times from granting to another power and marriages. The town fortifications, walls dated back from the 14th century and it is possible to stroll on top of the walls.

Around the small town, there is a 14th century Church of St. Peter,...

... and the ruins of the Chapel of Werner.

The "Old House" in the market square, one of Rhine's most famous medieval half-timbered building.

After walking around the town, I did a round, walked up to Burg Stahleck which is a youth hostel now. If tired, take many breaks and take some photographs :P haha.

Bacharach is beautiful, cosy, charming, serene... If that is what romantic means, then Bacharach is the romantic town on Rhine.

I ended the day with my first flammkuchen, Germany's version of pizza. I think I had too much of meat the past couple of days so opted for the one with paprika, corn and soft cheese from Kurpfälzische Münze.

At Bacharach on the Rhine,
At Wurzburg on the Stein,
At Klingenberg on the main,
Thre, it is said,
You will find the best of wine
Source: Old German drinking song of 1628, from Rhein-Nahe Tourist Information. 

Side note: Burgers at Grand Trailer Park are yummy...

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  1. After staying at Ursula Orth's guesthouse I've always wondered what her sister-in-law Irmgard's rooms look like. Now looking at your photos it seems that they're virtually the same ... even down to the breakfast!

    1. haha.. yes and no TV too!

    2. LOL the rooms were probably renovated by the same guy, and the breakfast jams were probably the same brand!