Western Europe: Germany - Burg Arras on the Mosel

By Cubie - August 06, 2017

I first read about Burg Arras from Paul's blog (where else) and decided that I shall treat myself to a night's stay in a castle. It doesn't matter that I was going to be there by myself. It was actually one of the first accommodation I booked. I decided on Burg Arras, the only castle in the Mosel that houses a hotel, restaurant and museum.

I don't remember coming across their official website when I was making plans for my trip, so I made my reservation via booking.com and I was requested to provide an approximate arrival time. German bahn website is excellent, I was able to let them know which train I intended to take and approximate arrival time. Roman from Burg Arras replied that he will pick me up from Alf train station. I was surprised but definitely glad to take up the offer.

As I got off the train, Roman saw me and introduced himself. I think it wasn't difficult to identify me as I suspect there weren't many Asians travelling in the Mosel region. I actually did not bump into another Asian, aside from myself.

It was a lovely day when I was in Burg Arras. Upon arriving at the castle, there were some people relaxing and having a drink at the front of the castle. I only had a night there so I decided to wander a bit despite my sleepiness.
I was in the room named Albero, it was the first room on the left on this corridor
The interior of the castle was amazing and plenty of spaces for lounging on rainy days.

As it is also a museum, there are exhibits on the ground floor and a door leading to the top.

To the  top!
I followed the steps to check out the view at the top, or if you prefer there is also a lovely garden on the ground level. Entrance to the garden was just next to the donkey from the first photo.

It's the perfect place to just sit and enjoy the view (while nibbling and eating would be even better). If I could help it, I would've slot this nearer to the end of my holidays, ideal as a holiday in a holiday but it was as amazing to kick start my stay in Germany.

I was told that dinner is served a little earlier as they have limited staff working in the kitchen. I would've love to sit down for a dinner but all I could think of was to sleep off the fever. I had the best sleep at Burg Aras and woke up with no fever, chills, cough or runny nose. It was almost like a magic castle, really. Haha.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of a short random walk around the castle.

Spot the insect...
Oh and the breakfast was generous and good too.

After checked out, Roman dropped me off to the train station. It was an excellent first night in Germany. :)

Side note: Got to stop nibbling the whole day, every day... 

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  1. Glad to see you having a great time after the initial fever! Was Roman a youngish middle aged guy with glasses? If so we probably met him as he was going to pick us up at the train station. But it was Andrea who served us dinner and made breakfast, then drove us to the ferry pier.

    1. Yes, it was amazing! No, Roman looked middle aged, no glasses and wore a suit jacket pretty much the whole time. Do you and your wife speak much German?

    2. No we don't speak much German aside from entry level Tag, Danke Schon or numbers ... I can only pronounce words which gets us through ordering food at restaurants. Gradually I got a good handle on reading food items on menus though. That's the most important part for me!

    3. Yes! I too realised that I learnt words related to food much better.