Western Europe: Germany - Gutach, a great start to the Black Forest

By Cubie - August 29, 2017

When Paul first wrote about Gutach im Schwarzwald, I've made up my mind that if I go to Germany, I'll make my way to Black Forest and stay in a farm house. Sometimes I surprise myself on how decisive I could be on certain things. Ha! I send an email to Joklisbauernhof about three months prior to my holiday and was told that they were fully booked! I thought that was quite far in advance for a room booking, obviously not. Then it dawned on me that it must be peak season already and if I didn't make haste with my bookings I would missed out on good value accommodations.

I was determined that staying in Gutach must happen, so more googling happened and I made a reservation for 2 nights in Rommelehof. Rommelehof was built since 1665 and is about 1km from the village centre. The nearest bus stop is Gutach Bergle, about 10 minutes walk away.

Likewise Burg Arras, I informed them of my arrival time as requested and Markus came to pick me up from Hausach station. My room was not yet ready upon arrival in Rommelhof so I was offered a coffee while completing a form for the KONUS Guest Card (free bus and train rides) as well as a Gutachtal Card for guests staying in Gutach. Coffee and breakfast was served their breakfast room.

Check out the bollenhut on the left (in the photo above), a PomPom hat with pompom either in red or black colour. Red for unmarried women until their wedding. After that, they wear a black hat. It is being worn in Gutach, Wolfach-Kirnbach and Hornberg-Reichenbach. Also, the 'heater' on the right of the photo, technically was a stove/oven with opening in the kitchen but at the same time would heat up this room.

I sat the the last chair, nearest to the window when I had my breakfasts and dinner. Anyway, by the time I finished my coffee, my room was ready :)

The ceiling is low as with the old houses. It was said that people in the past were shorter.

This is the door latch for the balcony door, a similar one was also at the window. To open the door, the latch is to be pulled towards you and the door will move down.

I decided to just walk to Vogtsbauernhof, the Black Forest Open-Air Museum instead of coinciding with the bus time. It was an easy walk, albeit a little warm. Vogtsbauernhof (the museum) houses fully furnished farmhouses from various regions of the Black Forest, as well as labourer's cottage, mills, sawmills, barns, etc. The entrance fee when I visited was €9 (before discount) but Gutachtal Card gives a 50% discount. Small wins.

This farmhouse above, Vogtbauernhof was built in 1612 and it is at it's original site in Gutach valley.

On my way to the museum, I stopped by the Gutach Rodelbahn as Gutachtal Card gives one free ride. Sis and I first tried this in Mutianyu Great Wall. No photos at that time but we were allowed to carry our bags with us. This round I left my bag at the entry point to the ride.

Don't know why I didn't use the camera to get a shot... 
I had dinner in Rommelehof, it was simple dinner of cold cuts and cheese. I was told that hot food was for lunch and simple cold food for dinner, that was how they eat in the farm. I can do that... so this was my dinner. When I approached the woman who was working in the kitchen though, she actually offered if I wanted pasta but I went with the cold cuts ;)

Dinner... or breakfast? 
Breakfast or dinner? Haha.. 

From top left, clockwise: Honey, strawberry, apple, cherry, rhubarb

I had an absolutely amazing time in Rommelehof and Gutach.

Side note: Malaysia or New Caledonia or sit at home for 2 weeks? 

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  1. Breakfast or dinner? Haha. The full Black Forest experience!

    1. Haha... first one was dinner, second photo was breakfast, looked pretty similar eh? Thank you so much for introducing Gutach to me! It was amazing :)