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By Cubie - May 12, 2016

The picture above has nothing to do with food or the hotel I was put at whatsoever, it is just merely because it is... Sydney and I was there hunting lanterns. I've travelled for work to Sydney on 4 occasions and all four times were at a different hotel. This time was at Sydney World Square on Pitt Street, between Liverpool and Goulburn Street. Venue is pretty good, there are good food options as it is already very close distance to Chinatown but also no swimming pool. :(

This was my sole trip this year so far and it was a work trip. My colleague and I was up in Sydney for 3D3N, flying out of Melbourne after office work on a Tuesday and back on in Melbourne again on Friday evening. To be totally honest, I didn't look forward to having dinner with my colleague (the one I fly to Sydney with) and would choose to dine by myself any day. I am horrible, I know. :|

The last Sydney trip I was also travelling with her and we had dinner separately except on work required functions. She probably did drop some hints and I didn't say anything. So I thought I should at least put in some effort this round and asked if she wanted to have dinner.

So Tuesday night dinner was with my colleague. The food was good though, I decided to just go to Sushi of Masuya (I had dinner there with my ex-classmates from Japanese class on my last trip). I was on almost best behaviour - send her review of where we would be going and make reservation for dinner. Almost because I took photo of my food, with a dslr nonetheless. Not discreet at all.

Off work Wednesday was fun. I make a point to meet up with my ex-classmates from my Japanese class when I was in Sydney - E, S and R but E was away in Hong Kong. S suggested we watched Lady Maiko which coincidentally scheduled to be aired at Japan Foundation, at no fee too. Movie was funny and entertaining, also great company. :) The night ended with ramen, at Ippudo of course. Hehe.

S was so sweet, she brought R and I each some home made Lunar New Year goodies too. They were delish! I inhaled them in no time.

Kek Batik
Pineapple tarts, black sesame cookies and peanut cookies
Dinner on day 3 was Thai at Chat Thai with an ex-colleague but I didn't take any photo. Haha. Failed food blogger - always eating at the same few food places.

As I went lantern hunting, there was a lot of walking around the CBD. So here are some photos in between the lanterns. Many are Lunar New Year theme decorations but well, it was after all during the festive season. Definitely more than Melbourne.

These were from Queen Victoria Building...

Still going with the Lunar New Year theme, this was in between the Ox and the Horses lantern on Martin Place, at the corner of Pitt Street I think.

I also went a bit off the "grid" and did a detour to Darling Harbour, guided by the lights... umm, that sounded a bit wrong as people do say, "Don't walk towards the lights." Grin, sorry, lame joke.

This was the most popular one. Many people stood at the front, took many photos/selfies and proceeded to check their photos at the same spot. Well, after all it does look like some place where people would take some cheesy wedding photo of some sort.

Here are some non Lunar New Year photos, just to balance things a bit. Haha.

As we start with a photo of the Harbour Bridge, here's another one from the same area.

Side note: Kek batik...yuumm.... 

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  1. That is sure a nice dinner.

    I am like you sometimes, preferring not to eat with my colleague. Wahaha

    1. Yup. Good Japanese food. Haha good to know I'm still normal to feel so...

  2. I used to hang out with my colleagues last time when working in audit firm but since ever I work with my dad, nah I prefer to take away and eating in front of computer. Your hotel is fabulous but I know it's not cheap, if convert back to RM.
    I really wish to be back Sydney again especially for Vivid Sydney festival.

    1. Hmm. Come to think of it, I used to have meals with my ex-colleagues... Not the current ones though :/
      Ya-I think hotels in Australia are not cheap overall. Makes traveling in Australia expensive.

    2. Ah - vivid Sydney. If you don't make it this year, there's always next year! :)